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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The Internet is a fast and easy way to get information on any topic you can think of. Just a few years back one could not even have dreamed of this. Online shopping is another prominent function of the Internet nowadays. You can now research new products, compare prices on various products and get the best deals with a few clicks of the mouse. You can have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep. Follow the 10 tips below for a smooth online shopping experience. 1. Search is Powerful: Use the Internet to search for the best prices on the products you’re looking for. Use all the info you find to make the best choice. Lets say you’re shopping for running shoes. Use Google, Yahoo or another good search engine and search for a phrase like "best running shoes". Try to vary the search phrase. You could use "discount running shoes", "cheap running shoes" and so on. Look at the results, surf and choose. 2. Safety: Where it applies, search for safety related issues on the products you want to buy. There are different sites where you can find safety information: .www.cpsc.gov, .www.ftc.gov, .www.consumer.gov are only a few examples. 3. Shop well known and trusted sites: Visit popular, well known, big names in shopping like .www.Amazon.com, .www.Zappos.com, ..VictoriasSecret… There are many others depending on what you want to buy. 4. .pare prices: How do you do this? Search for the same product on various different sites. It’s likely you will find big price differences. Take your time and go for the lowest price. Keep in mind that smaller sellers have a lower profit margin. Search for bargain deals. When .paring the prices, take into account the shipping charges. They differ from site to site. 5. Call before you buy: You have found a website and you want to buy. Check if they have that product in stock by calling the telephone number listed on the site. Why? Very often websites do not update their inventory on a daily base. You don’t want to waste your time and energy. 6. Shipping Discounts: If you want to purchase multiple items you could get a shipping discount. Check the site for such discounts or contact the customer service to find out. 7. No Taxes: If the seller is located in the same State as you, you will be charged sales tax. Try to avoid those taxes by finding a seller located in a different state. 8. Shipping charges: They are calculated after you checkout. Look for the lowest shipping rates. Always check the shipping charges before you enter your credit card number. Distance is the main factor which influences shipping charges. Try to find websites that offer flat shipping rates no matter where you are located. If a website’s shipping rates are distance based, try to find one that is located nearer to you. The bigger the distance is, the bigger the shipping rates will be. 9. Discount Coupons: Look for discount coupons. These may be listed either on the home page of the website or on other partner websites. You don’t have to search too far. A good ideea is to search Google or Yahoo for third party coupons for that seller. The customer service can also tell you if they offer such discounts. 10. Ebay: Ebay is the biggest online auction website. Almost everything you can think of is for sale on Ebay. It’s also a very good place to get the lowest price for what you’re looking for. Avoid fraudulent sellers by checking their feedback. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: