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13 cards rummy or the sequence game is one of the most popular rummy games in India. It is one of the card games that are popular among all age groups. The very fact that the game can be played anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of the time, has led to its increased popularity. In todays world where finding time for family and friends is a mammoth task, this game manages to bring people together. With the advent of technology, the game is now available online. An online rummy game can lead off with a minimum of two players and theres an option to add more players to the game at any time. The game can be played online both by amateurs and pros. All the information and the instructions are available online which makes things easier for amateurs. The game uses a deck of 52 cards with two joker cards where each player receives thirteen cards and the remaining/balance cards are placed on the table with their face down. The deck of balance cards is called the closed deck. One card is then picked from this pile and is available to the first player. The player chooses to keep or discard the card. The pile formed from the discarded cards is called the discard pile. The players are required to form at least two sequences- a pure sequence and an impure sequence/set (can have the joker card). A joker is the first card that is picked from the closed pile. Rummy players need to follow some rules, also known as the validation rules which include the following: It is compulsory for the player to form a pure sequence- a sequence without a joker card. Apart from the pure sequence, the player needs to form another sequence which can either be pure or impure- can have the joker card. After forming a pure sequence, a pure/impure sequence, the player needs to arrange the remaining cards into a valid set/sequence or a set of cards of the same face value. Once the cards are distributed, the players arrange their cards. The first player then picks up a card from the closed deck. He/she then matches this card with the rest of the cards and chooses to keep it or put it in the discard pile. The next player has two options; he can either pick a card from the discard pile or from the closed deck. The game goes on till any of the players form a sequence. Once a sequence is formed, the player is required to select a card and declare the game. His/her cards are then sent for validation. On approval, he becomes the winner and has to melds his cards. In case if the sets do not abide by the validation criteria, the player is awarded penalty points. The points for these players are counted on the basis of the number of cards that have been made into sets. The balance cards are then counted as points for that particular game. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: