17 Zhengzhou man most well-to-do but in a shop brush bowl handyman (video) tonya mitchell

17 Zhengzhou man most well-to-do but in a shop brush your bowl handyman near the city of Zhengzhou in seven by the high road and road intersection, there is a newly opened near the small restaurant, main tofu dishes and hamburger. Small Menlian not, selling things are very common, passing here who can not pay attention to it. However, this shop is very special. The store from the chef to odd jobs, 17 brothers called each other guys. I believe they are rich, but because of a person, let this man help dishes do odd jobs, also with his wife to help. Even, they set themselves a special menu, eat a bowl of tofu dishes 2000 yuan. I believe this story, only the 17 men know. – Oriental Daily News reporter Liu Yuwen Li Xinhua · the mammoth figure after deaf brothers to accompany him to do something which is called "Li Ji tofu dish" shop, fully prepared to less than 50 square meters, the kitchen there are about 20 square meters, filled with tables and chairs to sit at a dozen guests. From October 18th to the present, every day at noon hotels have to queue up, business is pretty good. Shop is Tang Yonggang, Wang Jianen, and the joint venture of the opening of the "joint venture", "the joint venture", "the joint venture", "". Tang Yonggang is responsible for buying food, chef Zhao Zheng Wang Jianen and chef Li Kun to start work. Li Kun and Zhao Zheng, Tang Yonggang, Wang Jianen, Wang Shengxuan they knew a dozen people, playing children, doing, there are at least 30 years. Li Kun, this group of "brothers" also have their own business, or to do business, or work in the institutions of small days are very good, do not have to worry about food and clothing. "A couple of my brothers open a shop, nothing else." Say this, is wearing a black frock Zhao Zheng, open this store is his first proposal. Why do you want to open a shop? It has to start in 2014. In 2014, Li Kun was doing his business in Puyang and Pingdingshan. That year, after Li Kun went to the hospital for an examination, the brothers began to feel that he was a bit out of place. "Li Kun’s temper changed, and we began to ask him what was going on. Just know later, the inspection found that he had got a brain tumor." Zhao Zheng said that after knowing this, the brothers advised Li Kun in accordance with the doctor’s advice, surgery. In the summer of 2014, Li Kun underwent craniotomy in Shanghai. After the surgery, Li Kun’s left ear is deaf in the right ear, then indirect deafness, after more than a month, his left ear also have hearing loss. At the beginning of 2015, Li Kun went to the hospital to check, the doctor suspected he had a brain tumor. During that time, Li Kun’s clothing business was greatly affected. In March 2015, he closed his shop. The brothers often worry about Li Kun, about the party up, tent, fishing, barbecue, is to accompany his boredom. This year during the national day of a small gathering, Zhao Zheng proposed to the brothers: open a small shop, we brothers do things together, but also to find a thing to do Li Kun dry." In this way, the store opened up. Shop chef embassy "Chef" resigned to help open a restaurant, regardless of size, you must first have a chef. Zhao Zheng thought of their good brother Wang Jianen. Wang Jianen is a little older than Zhao Zheng, and they are all shouting, as they are called by the Lord相关的主题文章: