2016 graduates 70% starting salary of less than 5000 yuan, down 5.6%-yuanmu

70% 2016 graduates starting salary of less than 5000 yuan fell to 5.6% recently, the recruitment website BOSS direct hire to enter the workplace in 2016 graduates survey, released the "2016 Graduate Employment Competitiveness Report" shows that this year, 70% graduates starting salary less than 5000 yuan. Compared with last year, the average expected salary in 2016 dropped 5.6%, to 4421 yuan, and the average salary for the graduating students was only 3958 yuan, only 3.1% of the elite just stepped out of the school gate, can get a monthly salary of more than 10 thousand yuan. This year, the average salary of graduates is still engaged in the Internet industry, reaching 5143 yuan, while the advertising media industry graduates average starting salary of only 3884 yuan, while the number of graduates entering the traditional industries such as machinery manufacturing, automobiles, consumer goods, real estate is on the decline. From the employment City, escape from the "North Canton" more obvious, only 36% of the graduates want to stay in the first tier cities, and three years ago, this figure is more than 50%. The report shows that the starting salaries of 985 and 211 college graduates are 40% higher than those of other people. The report also lists the top 50 employment competitiveness of 2016 graduates, of which 32 universities average salary is higher than 5000 yuan. Among the top 50 universities, 44% are science and engineering, and 38% are comprehensive. There are three universities in Hubei entering the top 50, namely Wuhan University (sixth), Huazhong University of Science and Technology (eighteenth), Wuhan University of Technology (forty-eighth). The report extracted 137645 effective salary, resume and behavior samples, including 77.2% of undergraduates, 11.7% of postgraduates, 1.3% of PhD students.

2016年应届毕业生七成起薪不到5000元 回落5.6%近日,招聘网站“BOSS直聘”以2016年进入职场的毕业生为调查对象,出炉了《2016年应届生就业竞争力报告》,显示今年应届毕业生起薪七成不到5000元。与去年相比,2016年全国应届生平均期望薪酬回落5.6%,至4421元,而企业为应届生开出的平均薪酬仅为3958元,只有3.1%的精英刚踏出校门便能获得1万元以上的月薪。今年应届生平均薪酬最高的还是从事互联网行业的,达到5143元,而广告传媒行业应届生平均起薪仅为3884元,而进入机械制造、汽车、消费品、房地产等传统行业的毕业生人数呈下降趋势。从就业城市看,逃离“北上广”愈加明显,只有36%的毕业生希望留在一线城市,而在三年前,这个数字超过50%。该报告显示,985、211大学毕业生起薪要比其他人高三四成。该报告还评出2016年应届生就业竞争力前50名,其中32所大学平均薪酬高于5000元。前50名的高校中,44%为理工类,38%为综合类。湖北有三所高校进入前50,分别是武汉大学(第6名)、华中科技大学(第18名)、武汉理工大学(第48名)。该报告抽取了137645个有效薪酬、简历和行为样本,其中本科生占77.2%,硕士研究生占11.7%,博士研究生占1.3%。相关的主题文章: