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2017 Chinese college entrance examination mathematics have any changes in your interpretation of the 2017 Ning teacher in our province will be the full implementation of the new college entrance examination enrollment plan, the new college entrance examination in foreign language courses by the Ministry of Education Examination Center proposition, other subjects are independent proposition, examination contents and requirements in the Province formally announced the "unified examination that" shall prevail. Chinese, mathematics is the June common entrance compulsory subjects, out of 150 points, its importance is self-evident. The day before, Zhejiang education examination released Chinese maths examination that "the 2017". Compared with last year, the language and mathematics subjects, "the examination note" what changes? Under the background of the new college entrance examination teachers and students how to prepare? Yesterday, the reporter invited the Ningbo high school experience of the teacher on the examination instructions for analysis. The new teaching material of Chinese traditional culture attaches great importance to classic Ningbo middle school language teaching learning group leader Chen Tian said that from 2017 the fresh Chinese subjects "examination that" point of view, compared with previous years, both types or the content of the study, no big change. "But this is the first session of the students to use the new version of the new version of the Soviet Union, so the fine-tuning of the materials so that the content of the test has changed." Chen Tian said. Among them, the most direct manifestation is "ancient poetry recitation reference table of contents", delete "Jishi will attack Zhuanyu", "biographies of Lian Po Lin Hsiang Ju (excerpt)", "autumn sound Fu", "zither" and "Dielianhua", added the "Analects of Confucius" (specified recite texts), "statement", "Five" and "Meng" tombstone. Chen Tian suggested that students in the pro forma, in the special review of both classes, the implementation of a class in the ancient text recite articles, on the other hand to key words in classical Chinese words and. It is necessary to point out that the "language application" to increase the correct use of punctuation "test, this test has not been seen in college entrance examination that in recent years, there are likely to be in the choice of language application or expression problem. "And the" traditional culture classics "interpretation of the test sites, more" such as the "Analects of Confucius". "This word, that we should continue to strengthen the" Analects of Confucius "attention, in the grasp of the" Analects of Confucius "on the basis of other classic cultural radiation." Chen stressed that the traditional culture of this part of the content. In 2017 the Chinese college entrance examination score 150 points, but the current school Chinese teacher still did not see the Chinese sample, Chen Tian said: "changes in test scores and have to be rolled out, do further analysis." The mathematical arts volume based examination questions will increase Ningbo middle school mathematics teacher Lu Zhongfang is preparing the team leader, he said, "the 2017 mathematics examination that" emphasizing the students "four bases" (basic knowledge, basic skills, basic ideas and methods and basic activity experience, five) and examine the candidates’ ability (logical thinking, spatial imagination, computation, data processing and comprehensive application). In the new scheme of college entrance examination is the largest regardless of Arts and science, therefore, 2017 volume is the volume of Arts and mathematics. "As of 2017 mathematics volume and lower requirements, test." Lu Zhongfang into;相关的主题文章: