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Cruising-Sailing To take your cycle on a Princess sail liner to Alaska may probably allow you various sort of freedom for moving around when you must arrive at certain cruise ports of call. Instead of being forced to rent a car or any other method of transportation, you can practically hop on your mountain bike as well as voyage the zone with not worries whatsoever. The best possible mode for doing this might be to practically have your own mountain bike to be shipped via Princess’ Travel case Valet service. This is a service that will transport care of your mountain bike to/from airport while it will be headed to the cruise getaway. Beneath are some small suggestions which must help you on this matter. 1. Make a schedule for the Princess Luggage Valet service so someone from there can .e as well as pick up the mountain bike box. You can do that by only making a call at (800) 399 7350 or mail sending an e-mail. Since their own service might be all the time a subject of availability, their own staff might be .petent to inform you whether or not there may be enough room for your bike on the cruise so they can be able to send it through their Travel case Valet service. Their own staff might then arrange for your bicycle to be picked up and then shipped via DHL, plus then you may be informed about the date while you can decide on up your bicycle. This type of arrangements should be done at least 35 days before your date of embarkation. Your bike might probably be picked up not more than a week prior to the cruise. As well, you might most likely do not need to offer your credit card info upon making the reservation, as the cost of such a feature might be less than $90 anyway. 2. Aim to take a bicycle box. Most of the shops that sell bikes may as well offer cardboard mountain bike boxes in which their bikes .e in, so you can start asking approximately you with a few weeks prior the date you desire to liner your bike. Make an effort to make sure though that your bicycle box will be the right size for your own mountain bike; if you will have to have a 25 inch bicycle, make certain to use a 25 inch or even large bike box. Another way might be to purchase a hard shell mountain bike case so you can better protect your bike during its transportation. For an even better protection, you will have to take a look at TricoSports.. or the Pro series cases that you can find at CrateWorks… 3. At this time you can place the cycle into the box, amongst its shipping insert which was perhaps e-mailed to you by now from Princess Sail Lines. Follow all the instructions so you can have your bicycle being shipped to the embarkation point of your cruise. 4. Pick up the mountain bike in your own stateroom on the same day you will leave for your most desired Alaska cruise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: