Val Thorens Ski Resort – Faqs 普京隔空喊话科米 许家印成中国首富

Travel-and-Leisure If youre researching transfers from Geneva to Val Thorens, you might find the following questions and answers useful. Is Geneva the nearest airport? No, technically that honour falls to Chambery in France, however, that is a smaller airport with perhaps fewer international connections. How long will transfers take and how much will they cost? The transfer time from Geneva to Val Thorens should be around three hours or so. Its impossible to say much about the cost, as so much will depend upon times, the number in your party, any special baggage handling arrangements you might want and so on. What can be said is that its typically more cost-effective (and more peaceful of mind) if you book ahead and are prepared to share. Whats the skiing like at destination? In terms of the snow record, as this is the highest ski resort in Europe, its likely to be good. There are several theme parks, plus somewhere between 60 and 70 marked runs of all grades. Its also part of the world-famous and massive Three Valleys ski area, with around 600kms of skiing available. Youre sure to have plenty of choice! Is this regarded as a quiet or busy resort in terms of aprs-ski? Its normally described as lively and international by many who visit. There are lots of bars and clubs, with music typically until the early hours. If youre looking for a quiet backwater-type resort, this probably isnt it. Is the resort a serious skiing or posing destination? Well, theres usually a little of both of that going on in most ski resorts! Having said that, quite a few of the slopes are north-facing, so that means theyre not necessarily in full sunshine and that in turn tends to means that theyre favoured by more dedicated skiers. However, quite a lot of the refreshment and bar areas are south-facing, so theres plenty of opportunity for terrace skiing if thats more to your taste! Is this a traditional resort centre or modern? Once again, a little of both. Originally developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, there is some residue of the design and materials of the time in terms of concrete and angular cubic lines in some of the larger buildings. However, these are well done and all the more recent development has been in traditional materials and is in more of the Alpine-chalet type appearance that modern tastes tend to favour. What are prices like? Thats always very subjective. At one time, it was considered moderately-priced compared to some other Three Valley resorts, but prices are now balancing out. As always, prices in the centre of a ski resort may be higher than youre used to paying at home. Many self-catering skiers stock up on basic foodstuffs that they bring with them. That might be possible even if youre using a shuttle to get you from Geneva to Val Thorens. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: