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Health ith todays stressful lives we sometimes have trouble sleeping, and we would do anything to be able to get 8 hours of sound, restful and recharging sleep. Sometimes we try pills, sometimes we try listening to relaxation music, and sometimes we drink either a glass of milk or a cold one, depending on the person. However, sleeping better most times only implies changing the pillow we have for an orthopedic pillow. Why normal pillows fail? There are plenty of pillows to choose from, in various shapes and sizes and made out of various materials. The problem with these pillows is that they can be too soft or too hard, they are either too rigid or too loose, and they most times overheat your head. Its needless to say that when you move and switch positions all night to find a good place to sleep on your pillow, you dont really get enough sound sleep and most times we dont even know we do that each and every night! So, why are orthopedic pillows a better alternative? And why orthopedic pillows prevail? Orthopedic pillows are specially designed to maximize the comfort of the sleeper. The design includes the actual shape of the pillow, the material and the hardness or softness of the pillow. There are a multitude of orthopedic pillows on the market, each designed with a specific type of sleeper in mind. Orthopedic pillows are conceived so that while youre sleeping your body rests in a comfortable position for the back, neck and shoulders, and the materials used are chose to prevent over-heating, thus helping you wake up without neck, shoulder or back aches, fresh and energized each and every morning. Choosing an orthopedic pillow However, before you go out and purchase an orthopedic pillow, you should first figure out whats your favorite sleeping position. This because theres a pillow for every sleeping position! Well, truth be told, there are three main sleeping positions: on the back, on the side and on the stomach. You will want to choose your pillow according to your sleeping position, because an orthopedic pillow for a person who likes to sleep on their back wont work that well for a person who likes to sleep on their stomach, and vice-versa. Making the transition You would be surprised, but making the transition from a bad sleep to a sound sleep isnt as easy as it might seem. Most people seem to have troubles sleeping with an orthopedic pillow for the first nights. This is why, it is recommended to keep your old pillow, sleep on it for a couple of hours each night, and then switch to your new orthopedic pillow. Only after you see that you sleep better using an orthopedic pillow and you dont use your old standard pillow at all, you can finally get rid of the old one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: