Tony Rammer Winter is a tricky season to notice a change in your car’s performance. There are times where a particular mechanical system of your car may literally just be frozen 杨洋手术不打麻药 学生报高考保过班

Car Systems To Keep An Eye On During The Winter Posted By: Tony Rammer Winter is a tricky season to notice a change in your car’s performance. There are times where a particular mechanical system of your car may literally just be frozen, and you need to drive around to loosen it up. Other times it that system may be failing or is already in need of repair. The easiest way to tell is if the problem persists for longer than it should. If that is the case, then you want to bring your car into our repair shop as soon as you can, especially during the winter months. Your Braking System The brakes on your car are your most important safety feature of your vehicle. If this system is in need of a repair and you "put it off," you could end up regretting it. One of the signs during winter that your brakes are in need of repair is an obvious one; poor stopping power. This indicates that your brake pads have worn down to a point to where they can’t create the friction needed to completely stop your car. Another sign to look out for is shaking when you press on the brakes.brake repair in shoreview mn auto repair vehicle safety inspection general car maintenance winter driving brake repair in shoreview mn Monitoring Your Vehicle’s Brake System For Peak Performance Posted By: Tony Rammer Brakes are a wonderful thing. You need to stop your vehicle, you press the brake pedal and you stop. However, if you press the pedal and you don’t stop, you have a problem. Because they are so critical, it is vitally important to monitor your vehicle’s brake system for problems and to be prompt with scheduled maintenance. Your brakes work very simply. When you apply the pedal, brake discs or drums that are attached to each wheel "grip" the wheel ever more tightly to slow the wheel turning by friction. This eventually stops the wheels turning. The vast majority of today’s vehicles have disc brakes. What About ABS Brakes? Nearly all recent models are also equipped with an anti-lock brake system; often abbreviated as an ABS. The anti-lock brake system provides extra protection in slick driving conditions by minimizing the chances that the wheels will lock up or that the vehicle will skid. The ABS pumps the brake pedal much more rapidly than the driver is able to. All brakes will suffer from wear and tear over time. How you drive and the conditions in which you drive will all impact how quickly your brake system may need attention.brake repair in shoreview mn auto repair general car maintenance vehicle safety inspection ABS braking system brake repair in shoreview mn Your Cars’ Electrical Systems Posted By: Tony Rammer A car is mostly fueled by gasoline. It’s what makes the engine turn and as a result moves the wheels. However, most cars, especially newer hybrid models, actually function primarily off of the electrical systems that run throughout them. The energy to power these systems comes from your car’s battery, which is why when the battery dies, the car doesn’t even start up. The battery itself is pretty self-sufficient, powered and recharged by your car whenever it’s running for a long period of time, so there usually isn’t much of a problem with it. But every now and then, the check battery light might turn on your dashboard, and it’s important you don’t just brush it off. That little powerhouse does more than just power your stereo. Why the Battery’s Important When you go to turn on your car you turn the key in the ignition and the car starts; that’s as far as most people understand. However, to know how important the battery really is to the car’s system, you need to understand how exactly turning the key activates the engine. In most modern vehicles, when you turn that key you send a small electrical current through the engine.shoreview mn auto repair brake repair in shoreview mn car electrical systems shoreview mn tire alignment wheel repair shoreview mn car battery shoreview mn auto repair How To Make A Winter Safety Kit For Your Car Posted By: Tony Rammer Winter is nearly here, and as we all know, that means some pretty uncertain and totally inconsistent driving conditions for a good span of months. From as early as October to as late as March, you could be looking at ice, ice and more ice–not to mention some healthy servings of snow, too. So it is important that you make a winter safety kit for your car in the instance that a vehicle related problem should occur. Planning ahead is very important. So with out further ado, let us go over the items you will want to prepare for your very own safety kit. BLANKETS. In the instance of a vehicle break down, nothing will be better than a blanket. It can very well save your life, and at the very least, keep you comfortable until the police arrive, or the mechanic does. A COAT, OR MULTIPLE COATS. A blanket is great, but you will also want to consider adding a coat to your winter safety kit. The more layers you have, the more protected you will be. And this is something important especially in the night.shoreview mn auto repair brake repair in shoreview mn tire repair shoreview mn shoreview mn mechanic winter safety general car maintenance winte shoreview mn auto repair 相关的主题文章: