if you see Punjabi Milkmen roving around on Bullet 中国禁贾斯汀演出 冯小刚赞吴亦凡

Travel-and-Leisure Celebrate the glory of youth with Royal Enfield. Take a hike through the majestic mountains, through fathomless arid deserts with ever shifting sands of time, through verdant valleys of lush greenery and soak in the richness and variety of the multi-hued India. A country seeped in such richness of tradition and culture can be best experienced on a two-wheeled ride called Royal Enfield! This is one such roving beast that announces its presence to the onlookers galore. (Still!) Made in India, for India "" Royal Enfield, though having long outlasted its era, is a perfect partner to take you through the rocky terrains and winding roads across India and give you an experience that is bound to last a lifetime. And Motorcycle Expeditions, is one such Royal Enfield touring company operating across India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet, which would offer you the ultimate in travelling. Royal Enfield a.k.a. "Bullet" has been a part of India"s history for over 50 years now! Its sheer audacity of sound has allured its many admirers, and not only do the people slaver at its very sight, it has also become a religious idol for worship in a shrine located in Pali district near Jodhpur, Rajasthan! So don"t be much surprised, if you see Punjabi Milkmen roving around on Bullet, sporting aviators! This is the choicest ride if you wish to go on an expedition across and surrounding India. Robust, stylish, powerful and loud "" this beauty over here, knows how to grab attention. Motorcycle Expeditions, organizes absolutely fantastic Royal Enfield Tours across India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet. Motorcycle Expeditions, lives by only one motto "" "Two wheels are better than four!" The breathtaking Himalayas couldn"t be captured any better than while riding a Royal Enfield "Classic" 500cc. It gives you an entirely different experience, one that might even alter the very fabric of your life! Get set for an adventure that would take you through many ups and downs; traversing past castles and huts; meeting people of different cultures and beliefs; across mountains, deserts, valleys, plains, plateaus; through the hustle and bustle of city life or through the peaceful climes of a little hamlet by the river! We are the best Royal Enfield touring company in India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet! The road ahead is definitely bumpy. And we aren"t entirely sure of the climate! But we do know one thing, a biker"s self discovery is achieved on the road. Discover your inner soul, and feel at peace with the world on the most amazing Royal Enfield tours in India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: