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Arts-and-Entertainment Samsung PN50B850 Wow! The very latest model from the worlds top consumer electronics company. Samsung first started producing televisions way back in 1972 and were one of the first into flat panel manufacturer in 1999, The Samsung PN50B850 is so new you will not be able to buy one until April 2009 With the demand for larger and larger televisions it looks as though Plasma technology is set to become the first choice for consumers. A few years ago a plasma television was well out of the budget of the average man with the smaller televisions costing upwards of $8000. unless you were very wealthy. Even the small sets cost in excess of $8000. However, with the increasing competition from LCD technology the cost of a plasma set has come down steadily. It is now possible for the average guy to buy a family size plasma television like the Samsung PN50B850. There are lots of different screen sizes available from 25 inch up-to 60 inch.They all produce very high picture quality. So what should you be looking for when buying a large screen plasma TV like theSamsung PN50B850? Like everyhing electronic, there are a few things to take into consideration. If cost is a factor I should avoid the largest screen size. This will be the most expensive one and dropping a size or two below the biggest will get you the most value for money.The Samsung PN50B850 is a 50 inch. Big but good value. I would recommend always going with a brand you can trust. Which is why Samsung comes so highly recommended. .The third consideration is will it fit your requirements? Meaning one that has a remote and interface that is simple to use, and has all the connections you need for your surround sound system or DVD player. Picking the right plasma television need not be a difficult task. If you are reading this blog, I assume you have already done your research of the major electronics stores for suggestions and recommendations. In the end the choice is yours and you are now looking to buy the Samsung PN50B850 at the best possible price from a highly reputable dealer with excellent customer service. . Of course the final choice of what to buy, which model, what size all depends on your personal preferences and of course your budget.The really big 60 inch screens are prohibitive price wise, where as the slightly smaller 50 inch Samsung PN50B850 will only set you back $? (sorry but at the time of writing this review the price has not been released but knowing Samsung it will be good value). I will be adding to this blog as more information becomes available and as soon as I know which supplier has the best deal and of course customer service I will post it here. Why not bookmark this page and come back later? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: