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Health According to the AARP, 90% of seniors desire to live at home. Today, seniors prefer to reside at home, to preserve their freedom and independence. However, as elderly individuals age, the extent of assistance escalates. Increases in age generate deterioration in health as well as the advancement of serious ailments. The weakened state portrayed by seniors inevitably causes them to become more vulnerable to potential falls. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 95% of hip fractures occur as a result of a fall. This can become a dangerous situation for an independent senior living at home. For example, every hour that an incapacitated senior is lying on the floor after a fall, escalates their rehabilitation time by a week. Senior medical alert systems can provide the optimal solution for elderly members to maintain their independence while saving their lives in an instant during an emergency situation. Senior medical alert systems are designed especially for seniors who wish to keep their independence by living at home, but necessitate immediate assistance in case of emergencies. This mechanism is precisely suited to obtain immediate attention in the event of an accident or emergency situation. During a medical emergency situation such as falls, heart attacks, or strokes, a senior citizen may be left incapable of reaching a phone. Senior medical alert systems are beneficial because they have the ability to summon instant help with the simple press of a button. Usually located on a portable pendent, it enables seniors with the most convenient form of obtaining direct assistance. In many cases, senior medical alert systems incorporate two-way speaker phones. This provides the ability to speak with a care representative while emergency help arrives, adding the benefit of reassurance and comfort. Senior medical alert systems offer peace of mind for the senior at home with different plans that provide a variety of connection ranges. The range of a senior medical alert system is a critical factor. It ensures that elderly loved ones are protected in the case of an emergency no matter where they are in the home. Accidents can occur anywhere in the home, and seniors can become especially susceptible to slips and falls in the bathroom. Therefore, many senior medical alert systems include water-proof pendants that can function even in the shower. Additional life saving features are also established by senior medical alert systems. These emergency devices usually contain re-chargeable batteries that function during power outages. A power outage may seem like a harmless occurrence; nonetheless, they have the potential to ignite an emergency circumstance. In the event of a power outage, a solitary fragile senior may become injured while searching for a light source in the dark. Senior medical alert systems are valuable in situations such as these since seniors can have accessible assistance even without electrical power. One of the most significant lifesaving advantage that a senior medical alert system can provide is the ability to obtain 24/7 monitoring. Potential accidents and emergency situations are not determined by any specific time or day of the week. They can happen in an instant, which is why it is crucial for seniors to be able to depend on a senior medical alert system at all times. With the access of 24/7 monitoring offered by a senior medical alert system, seniors can acquire the capacity to live life to the fullest at home, free of apprehensions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: