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Travel-and-Leisure Splurge and Indulge Yourself in Puerto Rico Many people come and visit Puerto Rico for luxurious holidays with its world-class resorts, perfect weather and pristine beaches. Here, affluent travelers can recharge, have fun and totally relax in this tropical destination. Puerto Rico vacations are also known for its various golf courses and casinos which are reserved for those who want to splurge during their trip to the Caribbean. There are many luxurious accommodations in Puerto Rico like 4 and 5-star hotels that can truly pamper their guests throughout their stay. Famous luxurious hotels in the island are Ritz-Carlton Hotel Spa and Casino, Horned Dorset Primavera, Intercontinental and Marriot. Four and five-star hotels in Puerto Rico have all the amenities and facilities to cater to all types of demands from their affluent guests. Aside from accommodation, luxurious hotels include personalized tours and activities like spa, golf, scuba diving, fishing and other excursions. Lastly, satisfy your palate from sumptuous dishes prepared for each guest from traditional Puerto Rican food to international cuisines. Clubbing and Other Entertainment Offered by Puerto Rico Vacations Puerto Rico is one place that can guarantee that you will have the best entertainment during your trip. Clubbing and nightlife are one of the things that this paradise island can offer to its tourists aside from its beaches and tourist sights. Most of the bars and nightclubs are located in the capital city of San Juan with the coolest music from famous DJs, nice drinks and wonderful crowd; singles and young tourists can surely find haven in Puerto Ricos hottest clubs. If you dont want to party, there are many music bars and lounges like those found in many hotels that play relaxing music like jazz and bossa nova. Most of all, the whole family will surely be amused with Puerto Ricos traditional music and dances. Bring along the whole family and you will surely be entertained with Puerto Ricos traditional music and dances. Getting Married and Puerto Rico Vacations More and more couples chose to exchange vows in other venues aside from the traditional church like beaches to make it more romantic, unique and unforgettable. And you dont have to look further to find the perfect wedding destination since you can experience the most romantic wedding in the Caribbean specifically in the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico vacations are now famous not just for beach, spa or golf holidays but as a popular wedding destination in the Caribbean. More and more couples tie the knot in Puerto Rico due to its perfect weather, white-sand beaches, breathtaking sceneries and world-class amenities and facilities. Much more, there are many resorts in the island that offer weddings packages for couples who want to tie the knot in the Island of Enchantment. Wedding packages are great for these can help in planning the perfect wedding in Puerto Rico and will let you enjoy and relax before, during and even after your special day. Puerto Rico Vacations Getting Around Once in Puerto Rico, the largest island in the Caribbean, you will the have freedom to explore this tropical destination through various transportations available for you. And you dont have to spend a lot since there are transportation choices for every budget. Those who want total comfort and convenience as they explore Puerto Rico and have spare money to spend can rent a car, hire a taxi or even charter a private limousine. Taxis in the island can be hired by meter or just have a flat rate; drivers in the island can be negotiated easily. For those on a budget and adventurous to discover Puerto Rico even more, you can easily take its public transport like its guaguas or mini-vans, buses and lineas or taxis that you share with other passengers. Puerto Rico also has its train system locally known as Tren Urban or urban train that connects the capital city of San Juan to other residential places nearby. Lastly, there are smaller islands within Puerto Rico and if you want to visit these sister islands, you can surely take the ferry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: