it is a real rewarding feeling to bring a website at prominent rakings in the right search engine results. About the Author 孙红雷遭劝退

SEO The number of companies opting to have a website to showcase their products and services has been increasing every year. Initially companies used their websites to show their products by sharing their website domain name in advertisements, visiting cards and correspondence. Now with the number of computer users increasing drastically and with the increase in number of people using search engines to find products and service providers, companies are looking at websites as a means of getting business from these internet users. A typical internet user searching for a company providing a product or service that he or she is interested in, will use the name or key features of the product or service as a keyword in a search engine. The internet user will study and compare the first few links to web pages that show up in the results. As a result companies whose web pages feature in the first few results for products and services in search engines results will get the inquiries and business leads from the people searching online. That is where a Search Engine Optimization Agency comes in. By promoting websites on the right keywords, the SEO Service Provider can ensure a company’s website reaches a prominent ranking in the results on search engines. This way a Search Engine Optimization Agency can help a company reach the target internet users. Generally a SEO Agency understands the products and services being offered by their client. The SEO Agency then finds keywords with high search traffic that search engine users will use for reaching the products and services of their clients. The SEO Agency then prepares the content, links, website sitemap and layout, keeping the keywords and website visitor profile in mind. This phase comes under On Page Optimization. After completing the on page optimization activities, the Search Engine Optimization Agency commences the link building and other SEO activities that involve websites other than the client website. These activities include directory submission, social book marking, press releases and more. These activities come under Off Page Optimization. The SEO Agency uses website analytics tools to study the progress and trend of the search engine optimization campaign. Getting a website to feature in the top few results for a general keyword takes time and a lot of regular effort by the SEO Agency. But at the end of the day, it is a real rewarding feeling to bring a website at prominent rakings in the right search engine results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: