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There is a cause and effect relationship between self awareness and the increase in confidence. As one becomes more aware of who they really, instead of who society has lead them to believe you are, one’s level of confidence increases dramatically. Early in life children naturally understand on an instinctual level how self awareness increases confidence. As a child develops and they divide their awareness between self and ‘other than self’ the concept of self esteem and low self esteem begins to come into play. The experiences of being self aware cause’s emotions to come into play which can make one feel insecure. Until that takes place there is only stimulus and response. Human beings function more through cause and effect than stimulus – response. The development of adding meaning to events is where (energy in motion) e-motions are developed and we move from basically stimulus – response animals to cause and effect, higher level mammals, i.e. human beings. Or as my Grampa Vetter would ask, "If we evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?" It is the ability to give meaning to something as separate from ourselves and judging it as more powerful that creates the problem of needing more confidence. Simple self awareness exercises can easily increase self confidence and make all the difference in how well one gets to enjoy life. More awareness of who you really are as opposed to who you think you are can make all the difference between low self esteem and high self esteem. It is the ultimate self help that changes feeling insecure into inner peace. Everyone I know believes they could use some more inner peace. One of the ways to develop these skills so that you get more out of life and enjoy it the way you want, I call training your thinking which can be a very useful way of increasing in all the areas discussed above as well as emotional intelligence as many perceive that is foundational to all the rest. Learn to get control over how you think is foundational in pretty much every area of your life. How we think affects our health as well as the amount of money we have in our bank account. The natural courses of our relationships are also determined by how we use our thinking. One of the number one ways to improve awareness and/or self-confidence is to use our thinking instead of having it use us. Thinking determines how we feel and feeling determines how and what we perceive ourselves. Thinking and feeling are a cycle that one really wants to get control over if they want to be successful. About the Author: Dr. Houston Vetter has Master Level proficiency in over 30 different modalities and is able to help you succeed in ANY area of your life (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological, financial, health and relationships) Want to learn more about how to get what you really want in life? Claim Dr. Vetter’s popular new book "Train Your Thinking, The Power Portal to Long-Lasting Success available at: Article Published On: – Self-Improvement 相关的主题文章: