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Exercise Strength training for women has often been confused with a number of myths, many of which have been responsible for putting many women off training with weights at all. However, the truth is that strength training for women is an essential part of an overall fitness and health routine, necessary for all women. Strength training or weight training for women should not be considered to be an activity required for those who wish to bulk up, gaining bulging muscles in place of bulging fat. Quite simply, the overwhelming majority of women would find it quite impossible to gain large muscles because of their genetic makeup and hormones. But strength training is not about developing huge muscles, but developing improved muscle tone, strength and endurance, all of which contribute very significantly to overall health and body shape. Why Women Need Strength Training. Traditionally women have sought to lose weight and improve overall body shape through a combination of dieting and aerobic or cardiovascular workouts. Aerobic exercise has good health benefits especially for cardiovascular health and should be part of your fitness routine. Strength training for women can be used as the third side of the triangle required for a complete workout and ultimately successful health and fitness routine. By working regularly with weights, women can improve the strength of the muscles by increasing the thickness of the muscle fibers. Stronger, healthier muscles will not only make it far easier to carry out everyday tasks such as lifting and carrying, but will help to burn up calories much quicker – even when resting. By working with weights, women can also help strengthen joints, ligaments and tendons drastically reducing the risk of injury, as well as increasing the density of bones, helping to prevent osteoporosis in later life. Can Women Weight Train Without Bulking Up? The main fear women have when it comes to strength training or weight training is that they will end up becoming bulky. However, this is virtually impossible for women. The hormone testosterone is required for increasing muscle mass, usually present in high levels in men, but not in women. Women have high levels of the hormone estrogen, which also acts to inhibit excessive muscle growth. However, in very rare cases where muscle mass is gained, it is incredibly easy to lose muscle mass, simply by reducing the number of repetitions of the exercise or lowering the weights used. Is It Safe To Train With Weights? Training with weights is entirely safe as long as it is carried out using appropriate techniques. If you are not familiar with weight training it is advisable to seek advice to ensure that the routines and methods used are safe. However, when performed correctly, not only is strength training for women safe, it is essential in helping to develop the body shape desired, as well as improving overall health and fitness for longer, happier life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: