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Business Enterprises are pressured in existing with a flair of competitiveness couple with consciousness of sustainabile practices. Out of 5 organizations, 4 do not realize their lack of sustainability and the increasing threats of their competitiveness due to that. Pure environmental issues is no longer taking the center stage as corporate sustainability encompasses economic, social and environmental issues as well. For an organization to be competitive in an economy that is impacted by carbon restrictions, it must first recognize the situation and consider the adoption of enterprise carbon and energy management systems. Such systems will give any company the capability to measure the scale of its starting carbon footprint along with its associates inventories and take action in confronting the issue. Corporate sustainability has morphed from a topic of discussion to a priority amongst distributed organizations around the world and specialized systems are being brought into play. Every organization needs energy to function. When energy is used it emits carbon and such greenhouse gases have been proven to cause long-term environmental damage. Each enterprise will have to take responsibility for its own energy use and the scale of its carbon footprint. There will undoubtedly be financial repercussions, as well as societal backlash. It is difficult if not impossible for a typical organization to take steps to reduce its carbon footprint if it is not in possession of all the facts and figures. Every asset needs to be analyzed and corresponding carbon footprint has to be documented. This could be a challenging prospective direction for a distributed and complex enterprise. Systems for enterprise carbon and energy management have been designed at the present for this sole purpose. It is no longer fashionable to draft a report on corporate sustainability for the sole purpose of promoting good public relations rather than through the basis of measurable facts. These reports are now going to be placed under scrutiny by various groups such as consumers, law makers, media, and other watchdogs which would place pressure of companies to make reports which are as accurate as possible which should be drafted based on hard facts. In the United Kingdom, Parliament has enacted benchmark legislation that will force the largest emitters of carbon to purchase allowances from the government. A "cap and trade" trading platform will be established, the net result of which is that an organization that is not in control of its processes will flounder. Pres. Obama has indicated his support for market based approaches to climate control. President Obama has forced federal agencies to start this process through the newly signed executive order. Federal agencies will have to implement enterprise carbon and energy management systems should they want to achieve energy use and emissions reduction targets. Within a short period of time it is likely that companies will be expected to file a corporate sustainability report, which will be of equal or greater importance to the traditional financial and executive summaries. A company’s sustainability report will pose for an organizations stance relevant to its counterparts if they want to attain reduction in energy use and carbon emissions. It seems certain that we are facing a quantum shift in the way that business is conducted. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: