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Ang Lee "Billy" Lynn today released Fan Bingbing and other stars recommended – Sohu entertainment Ang Lee new "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" tells young growth story [Click to enter the HD Photo]     Sohu entertainment news director Ang Lee Billy – Lynn’s "new thing" has been released in the midfield battle in the National Theater today. "Billy Lynn’s war" is the return of Ang Lee midfielder separated for four years in the making, Ang Lee once again break through the self, the use of new technology, challenges ever limit. The release day, film exposure and release notice "stars" word-of-mouth video. Director Ang Lee in the release notice opening greet the audience, personally recommend their works for various versions of the film, director Ang Lee said: "each version is the most I work hard, I hope you love." Director Ang Lee is also in China, repeatedly stressed: no matter what version, is a moving story." Notice of exposure at the same time the stars recommended "reputation in the video and release, Fan Bingbing, Babel, Liu Haoran, Yin, beast called Yi star, and the star to give the film Jingwei praise. Fan Bingbing bluntly: This is the best film I’ve seen in recent years." Liu Haoran said: "unexpectedly moved people." Screenwriter producer Fang Li, Shi Hang and other industry big coffee also praised Ang Lee’s bold innovation. In order to better appreciate the audience Ang Lee director of this breakthrough, the film also revealed four highlights. Quality assurance Ang Lee beyond Ang Lee invited the audience to witness the first time as the first woman to win the Oscar Award for best director, Chinese director, Ang Lee has been the audience, fans known as "the pride of the Chinese director". And Ang Lee has never let people disappointed, his work in the major ticketing platform, scoring sites are widely praised, fans will be regarded as synonymous with high quality film Ang Lee. On the road for nearly thirty years the audience, Ang Lee is never repeat themselves, constantly breakthrough self, try a different theme. Whether it is a family, love, adventure, Ang Lee can be easily manage. In the new "Billy Lynn’s war" in midfield, Ang Lee is not only the first photographs of the military theme, but also challenges the technical specifications of the film technology based There was no parallel in history., trying to reform the nearly hundred years unchanged. Ang Lee’s brave attempt not only to "Billy Lynn’s war" has become a midfielder to let the audience waiting for work, is Ang Lee’s self transcendence again. Shake juvenile growth showed real emotional tears through Ang Lee’s "growth" is the theme of the film, whether it is "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" in Jen, or "life of Pi" in junior school, into a growing concern for Ang Lee. In addition, Ang Lee’s works are also known as a nuanced emotional expression, whether it is "father Trilogy" in China’s father and son, love is the enemy of entanglement or "color – ring", or "Brokeback Mountain" in the copy from rolia same-sex love, with people moving the magic of Ang Lee lens. "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" is also a thorough "Ang Lee film", with the theme of growth and delicate One principle runs through it all. Ang Lee"相关的主题文章: