Where is the original king Lin bustling attraction 纪元1701

The attraction of the original bustling king Lin in a long-awaited feast, an unprecedented event like a raging fire! Jing Lin (real estate information) with the original model and demonstration area open for a week, and more than a thousand people visited the high call visit sales offices, the site popularity index is high, the ultimate charm of Beijing detonated! Since the opening of the sales offices, Zhou received a total of 1000 people, can be described as the top luxury market in Beijing star project. In September, the Beijing property market from time to time from the project selling voice, one of the most concern is the Beijing No.1 villa Coinfamily original house – Jing Lin original, is sold out opening day subscription amounted to 4 billion, became the Beijing real estate market sales legend. It is understood that the demonstration area open to the open short storage time, the number of buyers in the number reached more than a thousand people, what is the reason for the achievements of the king in the original Lin has not yet opened the case have shown a berserk situation? Jing Lin original and why has such a high popularity? One reason: comfort and function, return China habitat Longhu real estate (Longhu times street Longhu · · Hong Dynamisante stream bank) to build the original king Lin, put in the first place is return to spiritual elements Chinese comfortable life view villa living experience maximization, namely "traceability". This factor is the embodiment of Longhu more than 20 years of experience to build villa, the villa living experience to return to the original building origin. You can enjoy the noble villa living comfort, but also the social function of City mansion, and privacy. Specific performance: the "eight law twenty-four" originality garden. Korean landscape art, rockery stone painting, a white marble loose three shadow chic scenery, four water to the hall of architecture landscape layout…… The ultimate originality of gardening practices, there are ups and downs in ease, creating a walking space changing and obtain profound distant landscape artistic conception. Two reasons: most know home alone, the micro elements of humanity spirit custom details two, namely "human nature", "harmony" embodies the people-oriented value. Jing Lin original customer base is to have China feelings of literati landscape of successful people, they are busy with work and social, but also the family and feelings, and products to match demand, must let them enjoy the high quality of life, enjoy China literati feelings experience, but also enjoy the intimate atmosphere of living, quiet enjoy private space for contemplation, the product is humanized interactive landscape concept, family cycle livable mansion, suitable for three generation activity demand multifunctional induction space. Reason three: to meet the era of aesthetics, the building of the national spirit of the big house of the spirit of the elements of the three, that is, the national rhyme house". As the City mansion benchmark, Jing Lin original, adhere to the "inheritance" and "innovation" concept, the introduction of new residential Chinese humanistic tendency. In architectural design, fully absorb the traditional culture, through the western modern design techniques to express their own spirit, thoughts and emotions. Chinese style roof, porch, gables, flower window, floor and other local buildings, all show the dialogue and communication between Chinese and Western architectural language in the same system, and draw China traditional courtyard in the elegant, quiet, introverted cultural essence, showing respect for the traditional needs of neighborhood communication, and satisfy.相关的主题文章: