Zhou Hucheng building an international intellectual community-音羽かなで

Zhou Hucheng: to build "international intellectual community" in November 11th, sponsored by the Centre for Documentation and Information and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zijin media governance and innovation "and think tank China new think tank construction" second symposium held in Nanjing University. Chahar Institute of international communication committee secretary, senior researcher Zhou Hucheng invited to participate, and from all over the country 80 think tanks nearly 150 think tank responsible person, experts and scholars gathered in Jinling, to discuss the general situation of the construction of the new think tank Chinese and future directions. At the opening ceremony, Professor Zhu Qingbao, deputy party secretary of Nanjing University, said the construction of think tank is not only an important manifestation of the country’s soft power, but also a hard task of national governance. Hope that the representatives of the participating think tank can work together to jointly promote the development of China’s new think tank construction. Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Centre for Documentation and Information researcher Huang Xiangyang from the recently concluded U.S. election extended think tank plays an important role in the development of modern society, think tank in future society in the development of a country need to bear the heavy responsibility, he also pointed out that for broad development huge opportunities. Zijin media director, director of the Nanjing University, the society for the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar professor Zhou Xiaohong hopes that, through academic think tank meeting like this, think tank in governing the country, promoting ideological guidance and other aspects play a more powerful role. "China think tank can share international communication and for diplomacy, in the global governance experience dialogue. We can share the experience of China’s development to the world, but also absorb some of the world’s effective governance experience." In the thinking of the diversity and internationalization of the sub forum, the Chahar Institute of international communication committee secretary general, senior researcher Zhou Hucheng, on the internationalization and prospects of the think tank gave a speech. Zhou Hucheng suggested that the Chinese think tank to participate in global governance innovation, not only through the sharing of wisdom and experience within the system and outside the system of wisdom, a think-tank "revolving door" mechanism, but also need to do for international communication of thought, with the change of science and technology innovation The Belt and Road "initiative and the current international situation, the Chinese Marketing out excellent products to better understand Chinese think-tank, overseas people’s idea, also let people know more about Chinese overseas. "The new changes raised new challenges to think tank and media reform, how to be more down to earth, how to better understand public opinion, how to make the products more than the market thought of false prosperity, lie in front." Zhou Hucheng believes that the changes from two aspects, one is the United States presidential election to Contemporary Enlightenment — the political logic in the world has changed: the political elite are migrating to the public politics, think tank research should promptly adapt to such changes. On the other hand, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and augmented reality and other emerging technologies will have a very big impact on the development of think tanks. Which think tank first embrace artificial intelligence technology, which will occupy the ideological market heights." Zhou Hucheng, for example, the day before he received the central network information office organized the "The Belt and Road" national network construction and communication technology seminar members, including one from the Syria female reporter’s question, how to use the economic benefits of Fang Shiliang相关的主题文章: