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Dafco last year net profit of 1.98 billion with growth of more than 20% – Sohu Securities related stock movements 2 panorama Network April 25 news dafco (002666) Tuesday afternoon to disclose results of letters last year, 2015 years the company achieved a net profit of 1.98 billion yuan, an increase of 22.79%, the basic earnings per share 0.27 yuan; total revenue of 19.94 billion yuan, an increase of 15.74%. Dafco said, and sales income benefits reporting period in the automobile fine chemicals business sector continues to maintain steady growth and Changchun Jun Yao, at the same time as the gross margin increased, a substantial increase in investment income to offset the cost of three growth, resulting in the reporting period operating profit grew faster than revenue growth. (Panorama) cninfo-new disclosure SZSE bulletin_detail true 1201998701? AnnounceTime=2016-02-25%2011:39 Author: Lin Yichen

德联集团去年净利1.98亿 同增逾两成-搜狐证券 相关公司股票走势   全景网2月25日讯 德联集团(002666)周四午间披露去年业绩快报,2015年公司实现净利润1.98亿元,同比增长22.79%,基本每股收益0.27元;实现营业总收入19.94亿元,同比增长15.74%。  德联集团表示,报告期公司销售收入得益于汽车精细化学品业务板块继续保持稳定增长和长春骏耀的并表,同时由于本期毛利率有所上升以及投资收益大幅增加抵消三项费用的增长,致使本报告期的营业利润增速高于收入的增长。(全景网)   cninfo-new disclosure szse bulletin_detail true 1201998701?announceTime=2016-02-25%2011:39  作者:蔺怡琛相关的主题文章: