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Credit Agricole analyst: Yellen should press the button U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 14, Bloomberg News Beijing reported in more than one hour in the first, Credit Agricole’s top economic researcher in answering the questions are very calm and calm, but subject to Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen and the United States should raise interest rates, her mood immediately becomes high up. "Yes, she should press the button directly," Isabelle Job-Bazille said in an interview with the Tokyo Office of the Credit Agricole bank in October 12th. "This is a problem that keeps interest rates in line with fundamentals. Just look at the rate of growth in the United states. There’s no reason to keep interest rates at this very low level." High spirits may have to fly from Paris to Tokyo after the schedule factors too closely, but it also reflects Job-Bazille very worried about the risk of monetary policy kept for too long too loose brought. Her views can also extend to the European Central Bank and the boj. She said they had touched the limits of the stimulus. "No one should not forget that these policies now reduces the return, and bring the side effects," the 48, since 2013 served as chief economist at Credit Agricole said Job-Bazille. One view is that the mispricing of overheated market risks can cause severe volatility and make the entire financial system into long-term instability." Editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

法国农业信贷银行分析师:耶伦应该直接按下按钮 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间14日彭博报道 在最初的一个多小时里,法国农业信贷银行顶尖经济研究员在回答问题时都表现得非常镇定和从容,然而话题一转到美联储主席耶伦以及美国是否应当加息,她的情绪立即就变得高昂了起来。   “是的, 她应该直接按下按钮,”Isabelle Job-Bazille于10月12日在法国农业信贷银行东京办公室接受采访时称。“这是一个让利率与基本面相符的问题。你就看看美国的增长率吧。没有理由将利率维持在这种非常低的水平。”   高昂的情绪可能有从巴黎飞到东京后日程安排过于紧密的因素,不过这也反映出Job-Bazille很担心货币政策在过长时间保持得过于宽松所带来的风险。她的观点也可以扩展到欧洲央行和日本央行。她说他们已经触及刺激所能达到的极限。   “任何人都不应该忘记,这些政策如今降低了回报,并带来了副作用,”现年48岁、自2013年开始担任法国农业信贷银行首席经济学家的Job-Bazille说。“有一种看法是,过热市场风险的错误定价可能引发剧烈波动,让整个金融系统都陷入长期的不稳定之中。” 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: