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Travel-and-Leisure The God Shiva is said to have his dwelling in the Himalayas. He made no house nor shelter, neither for himself or his bride. According to the mythological books it is said that Shiva Narrated to Parvati the top secret of formation in the Amarnathji cave. Unknowingly to them, a two of mating pigeons overheard this conversation and came to know about the secret, take birth again and again, and have turned the cave their perpetual residence .Many devotees claim that they have seen the pigeons-pair when they walk along the most difficult way to pay respect before the ice-lingam (the symbol of Shiva). The long journey to Amarnathji, in the month of Shravan that is July-August has the large number of devoted people flocking to this amazing shrine, where the idol of Shiva, in the form of a lingam, appears naturally of an ice – stalagmite, and which expands and diminishes with the moon. Just besides that there are interestingly two additional ice – lingams, that of Parvati and of their son, Ganesh There is yet another story which says that when Kashap Reshi exhausted the Kashmir valley of water as it is said to have a big lake, the cave and the lingam were explored by Bregish Reshi who was at that time wandering in the Himalayas. When people came to know about the lingam, Amarnathji for all the devotees came to be known as Shiva’s dwelling and a main centre of pilgrimage. The yearly journey to Holy Amarnath Cave, positioned at nearly 14000 ft. above sea level, is planned and looked after by the State Government in the month of July and August. The devoted pilgrims are permitted to carry out the darshan from Ashard Purnimashi to Shravan Purnimashi which program stretches for a month or so. To plan out all the necessary arrangements many meetings take place at Srinagar and in Pahalgam as well. The .plete detail related to Yatra, including other relevant issues like all the negative and positive points are discussed here. Organizing of free langers by NGOs is advertised by the Tourism Department in leading national dailies along with the local news papers. Whatever has been explored by the tales and the history of Amarnathji’s discovery, it is nowadays a very significant place of pilgrimage and though the journey is very .plicated and tricky but it is equally exhilarating and thrilling and each year, number of devotees .e to pay reverence before Shiva in one of his well known Himalayan dwelling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: