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Soccer January 17 vibrant Spanish sports press, as well as Mourinho with the Cheap England Football Shirts and Madrid 1-1 league set of 19 real Amelia when the value of referee Prez – Lhasa, the war of words, the Barcelona captain Carles Puyol and the "Godfather" Cruyff also had words for emphasis is once again criticized Cruyff Mourinho, Mourinho, even behind Puyol is good, and the critical link in Knight tolerance. Mourinho started Peres – Standards and the unfortunate results of Lhasa to the criticism that the referees stole the two points of Real Madrid, Real Madrid coach argument is that C what is missing is the penalty, and Amelia players in the first 94 minutes of interference Casillas said. It should be noted that Mourinho is in the 10-11 La Liga season 7 attacks the referee, of which 6 were on duty law enforcement match referee Real Madrid and the other a request by the man of the match referee Barcelona right. Practice is in accordance with a difficult to explain, when Jose Mourinho criticized the referee after Cruyff Mourinho with the Spanish League Football Shirts also published an article criticizing, which is 6 times this season, has experienced. On January 17, The Godfather, "as in" published its first seven crusade against the fight against Mourinho’s call to arms to remove the criticism of the quarry’s Real Madrid, the contempt of the previous years, the critical promoter the rhetoric of Mourinho said: "I’m not sure what you want at the end of Real Madrid, in more ways than one, but have no enemy of Jose Mourinho is set to the enemies of addition to Real Madrid, who is unwilling to losing a person as the arbitrator against him, blames the referee a bandit or a thief. Mourinho is a wise man who knows what his team and thus remained the club to impose conditions, such as the recent request from the front. Mourinho will not be for his team, so the long-term thing, do not worry about Real Madrid’s youth system of anemia. Mourinho, in the case of the silver standard to create a team can win, his time at Chelsea and Inter Milan are based on this trick. He is a coach with talent, along with these players to buy good, achieving some success is not difficult. But those looking to his former team with the Barcelona Football Tops for the current situation; it is easy to explain a problem. " Mourinho At capacity and style of human characteristics, a variety of different people score Jieyou. Cruyff .pleted in the first seven published 10 months after the call to arms for half an hour, Barcelona captain Carles Puyol has accepted the Spanish media, the highest distinction of the different views and Cruyff, and even "a man not to disparage opponents mission, "the strong point of view. Puyol for Mourinho has fully confirmed the work:. "Mourinho has a very good coach and his early years in Barcelona, I think it will be a good coach, Jose Mourinho, the work is hard work, talent, I would not say which is best coaches in the world, but I dare say their country is the best coach of Portugal.Mourinho criticized for remarks that discredited Puyol behavior of .petitors is not a gentleman," indisputable character Jieao Mourinho has many enemies for him, but I think Mourinho is ours (Barcelona), road leading to stronger opponents champion, and is a worthy opponent. It prosecutes people who should not discredit the opponent, is recognition of the great rival with the Barcelona Shirt of things with grace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: