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UnCategorized It’s a fact: trade show displays are not cheap. If your .pany is a small business on a budget, affording an updated display can be a challenge. But an outdated display that brands your .pany as last year’s news may be worse than no display at all. Follow these tips to update your trade show exhibit without breaking the bank. Focus on your message. Are you selling a new product? Promoting a new service? If there’s been a major change to your business since your trade show exhibit was first created, you’ll need to update the display to reflect this. Focus on the key selling points of your marketing message. Keep it simple. If you’re redesigning your display, keep it simple. Include one to two large pictures that clearly illustrate your product or service. Main message points should be straightforward, bulleted text. Resist the urge to add too much information; less truly is more. Add a display banner. A new banner is a great way to highlight your new product without changing your entire display. A brightly colored banner is affordable and can add extra "pop" to your display – and you can easily swap it out to highlight new promotions with the changing seasons. Light it up. Lighting at trade shows is notoriously bad; the convention hall is either too dim or too bright. Plan ahead and bring your own standing lights to shine a spotlight on your main message. Use QR codes. Let’s face it: trade show attendees end up with hundreds of brochures -and most of them go straight to the trash. Don’t waste your expensive marketing literature on a trade show booth. Instead, add a QR (quick response) code to your display. The latest trend in trade show booth displays, QR codes are a unique, two-dimensional, square matrix barcode that can be scanned by any smart phone with a camera. When scanned, a QR code links straight to your website – which is exactly where you want your customers to be! So there you have it! It’s not hard to make your trade show a success if you follow these simple tips. Remember to be clear about your message and to keep the words simple. Always have a .pelling graphic along with the words. If you do this, then your display is sure to be a hit. Then all you have to do is engage with each attendee that .es by to develop the relationship and capture that hard earned lead! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: