A Jiao won the Nicholas Tse Li Ting silly simple, deserve to be cherished imjpmig

A Jiao won the Nicholas Tse Li Ting: silly simple, worthy public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Nicholas Tse like A Jiao: few pure cherish her innocence A Jiao (right) appearance have a female man’s heart in the new network on 3 November, A Jiao unveiled a program last week, heartless A Jiao bluntly want children "; a friend Nicholas Tse accidentally appeared, saying it was" silly, and female nervous A Jiao said the "treasure" is naive; in a dilemma in the female man accidentally exposed to nature, A Jiao hook shoulder host Li Yong [micro-blog], shouting "buddy" to drink; call out the mysterious partner and fought, A Jiao was forced to fit XL "a SA" deduction "next days". A Jiao wants to know whether you have children, the future husband image exposure recently, A Jiao returned to the line of sight of the audience, frequently appeared in major variety stage. In last week’s broadcast "people talk" "dinner" temptation, A Jiao admits to upright love to get married for the purpose. In the face of their own has been very concerned about the constellation expert Jesse Tang, A Jiao came up and asked directly: I will have a child within six months!" So the scene they stare, the moderator quickly asked whether existing objects, but A Jiao immediately denied. The Aquarius goddess think having a child is the chance to fall in love, Jesse Tang joked that this logic is simply not so "water bottle"! In everyone’s expectations, Jesse Tang read the tarot, said A Jiao will be within half a year for the cause of trouble, could not have children, but it is possible to find true love in the work, and the other half is tall fire sign, Aquarius meets the high demands on Yen value, let A Jiao is also quite harvest. And the same as the Aquarius sociologist Li Yinhe [micro-blog] was clicked on A Jiao, with three "good" to describe her, standing in the angle of professional teacher Li Yinhe A Jiao to reveal the truth in "the same constellation phase", an additional layer of protection, you hope that A Jiao brought to the world more beautiful. Nicholas Tse SA A Jiao appeared unexpectedly, say "thank you" always "silly very naive" A Jiao dilemma facing the challenge is difficult to respond to friends, but two big friends for their support, Ah Sa said A Jiao is a "choice difficult disease very serious, let it show not allowed to bully her group! And Nicholas Tse is in the "female man" or "female nerve" in the role of choice, to give the "female nerve" positioning, said it is rare and pure girl, cherish her innocence of the. Claim external man woman is actually very A Jiao fulfilled the "five criteria" female man, with what the unscrew the cap, and Li Yong is more be nothing difficult, the scene changed or "brother", but Li Yong becomes the second jiaochen "little man", A Jiao shoulder picture is too beautiful. In addition, the program at aunt Li Yinhe teacher standing in the sauce more sociological point of view on the "female man" is a word made a deep analysis, said the social situation is different, the image of women in the event of a great change, the new slogan is "the National Women’s Federation that men should be divided)相关的主题文章: