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AC Milan to sell and trouble? Exposure to the Chinese consortium with a fake bank to prove that AC Milan trouble? Sina sports news this summer for AC Milan is a historic change, China sports investment management Changxin Co. Ltd. for the hundred years of big acquisitions, all of which will pay one hundred million euro deposit at the beginning of September, Milan AC owners seem to That’s final. However, a report and make this trade become whirling. Recently, the U.S. media "Bloomberg Business Week" reported that in talks with AC Milan Chinese consortium first, providing a false bank documents are eager to buy the Rossoneri Chinese capital. As a result of the specific purchase price of 740 million euros, in order to prove their true financial strength, the Chinese consortium provides a document issued by the Bank of Jiangsu, including the details of business transactions. The report pointed out that in fact, this bank document does not exist, and there are suspected fraud. On Tuesday, the bank responded by e-mail to Bloomberg businessweek. The Chinese consortium, led by Mr Li Yonghong, said that "there is no evidence that such a document has been issued," "we have proved our financial resources, the transaction will continue," and will refuse to provide more detailed information. Last week, there are those who broke the news that the Chinese consortium did not put all the money in place, but looking for new partners to ensure that the transaction can be completed by the end of the year. Such news will undoubtedly let the hearts of the fans of Milan AC hanging up. In the face of such reports, AC is the parent company of the Milan West FeNiN group and the Central Sports both denied, said the club’s equity transfer transactions in that they are everything in good order and well arranged, the scheduled time to complete the transaction with unremitting efforts. West FeNiN group said: over the past year there are a lot of really wanted to buy the club consortium to provide bank proof, but not with the trade association, China EU sports did not show the false evidence to the group, as early as the two sides signed a preliminary agreement when West FeNiN group was investigated Chinese Consortium and background. The other has to pay one hundred million euro deposit transactions completed by the end of this year in accordance with the original plan. (LK)相关的主题文章: