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Web-Hosting Everybody .es to the Internet with one goal – to make money! Whether is be to replace an in.e that has been lost, subsidise an existing one, or just pay for some fun extras, we all want to earn extra money. Lots of it in fact, even obscene amounts of it. You see, we’ve all been sold the IM dream. The dream that says you can make money on-line simply and easily without even breaking into a sweat. You can even stay in your pajamas and still make money – one hour a day max! So you sign up on the glossy site page, full of all these very seductive promises, and BANG! You run straight into the reality of earning money on-line. The reality is that there is a massive learning curve to go through; that you have to work as hard at this as you do about anything else you want to succeed at; and you have to earn the right for people to give you their hard earned money! The reality is certainly very different to the illusion! Until you realize this simple point you will go on losing money on-line! Until you get it straight in your mind that there are more lies told on-line than anywhere else in the history of lying you will continue to be disappointed and frustrated. The simple truths are: Gurus do not want to help you – all they want is your money No one is lining up to pay you millions And one hour a day will get you nowhere! For any success in life there is a price to be paid and, unless you are prepared to pay the price, then do not enter the game. Very often I will work a full day in my demanding "day-job", then .e home and work on-line well into the early hours of the morning, grabbing a couple of hours sleep, and then repeating the cycle all over again. Ask absolutely anyone who has succeeded on-line and they will tell you the exact same story! The illusion is quick and easy, the reality is long and hard. So, the first question for anyone wanting to work on-line is "Are you prepared to pay the price?" If the answer is "No", keep your money safe, crack another beer, put your feet up on the sofa, and watch your favorite soap. The second question to ask yourself is "Are you prepared to get real help?". Help that is genuinely in your interest and not in the interest of the Guru who sees you as nothing more than a glorified ATS machine! One of the main problems with Internet Marketing is that there is just so much to learn! Where do you start? How do you get your on-line enterprise off the ground? If you are prepared to work long and hard and get the best advice available, then you are streaks ahead of the vast majority of people attempting to earn money on-line. But where do you turn? Just how do you sort the good from bad from the downright ugly? My own story is relevant here. I have been working on-line for nearly two years but with mixed results. If the definition of a successful business is the amount of profit in the bank, then I am not very successful at all! I have had a lot of fun, been royally entertained by various programs, and have spent hour after hour trying different programs – always believing that the answer was in the next tweak, e-mail blaster, of piece of software. Does this sounds at all familiar? The truth is that my success only turned around when I teamed up with Academy Team Solutions. It is an Academy because it is a place of learning with a group of marketers willingly sharing their knowledge. They all gained their knowledge in the real world – by getting their hands dirty and building their success from the ground up. No smiling Gurus here – just a bunch of really ordinary people obtaining extraordinary results. Secondly, it is a Team because everybody is working for everyone else’s success. If this promise sounds like something you might have heard before, then I have some refreshing news for you – in this case the promise is true! I have never experience such an amazing and electrifying group to work with. It is real, at the coal face, team effort where everyone is a winner. And, finally, it a Solution because it gives you a real chance to do what we all .e to the Inter. for in the first place – earn some money! We do this by offering the only package that anyone working on the Inter. really needs: Domain name, unlimited web hosting, unlimited autoresponders, master resale rights for thousand of dollars worth of on-line resources, webinair rooms, website scripts, and much, much more. And the price for all this? Just $19.99 a month! The great thing is that you can try the Academy effect out for yourself without having to open your wallet. Skype me on steve.cowley1 and I will get you to meet other people just like you within ATS – you can ask questions and listen to the chat and then make your own mind up whether it is for you. Contact me to find out exactly why Academy Team Solutions might just be the only on-line program you will ever need! stevecowley(dot). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: