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Business We all take preventative safety measures when it .es to our cars and getting behind the wheel. Regular maintenance, car care appointments and winter product enhancements are all a part of the routine when owning a vehicle. Another safety measure that has to be taken when owning a vehicle is purchasing car insurance. We always think about the "what-if-s" of getting into an accident, but what happens if it really happens? Having car insurance with Niagara is an easy way to ensure you and your family is protected if such an event occurs. In addition to coverage, here are three more benefits unique to CAA Niagara’s car insurance packages. F.ive and This plan protects the rates of the good driving record you have earned over the years. We all know that no matter how much we try and prevent them, accidents can happen. In the event of your first at-fault accident, no change will be made to your driving record. This can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run. Member Discounts Current CAA members receive a 15% discount on car insurance just for being an existing member. Additional discounts are as follows: 5% when you ensure your property with CAA 5% if your vehicle has winter tires 5% if you drive a hybrid or electric car 15% when two or more vehicles are insured That is a possible 45% discount on your car insurance just for choosing to drive safe and to drive with CAA car insurance! Bonuses with Bundles CAA Niagara is always trying to provide the best deals not only on car insurance but with all our services. When you, bundle car insurance with home insurance you receive free CAA tire coverage that extends manufacturers warranties! Whether you are searching for car insurance in St. Catherines, Grimsby, Welland, Niagara Falls or Thorold, CAA Niagara has you covered. Want to learn more about which car insurance package and benefits will fit your budget and lifestyle? Get a free auto quote for car insurance from CAA Niagara, and drive safe! About the Author: CAA Niagara, located in seven different locations throughout the Niagara region, offers a number of viable services for you and your family. Covering everything from insurance, travel, vehicle repairs and much more, CAA Niagara is equipped to assist you in every aspect of life. Be sure to read more about all the additional benefits CAA Niagara has to offer. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: