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Careers-Employment The year 2008 was busy for Hays Medical Center or HMC. It was in this year that seven new employees were hired. For the most part it has been fun says the director of medical staff development. At the same time there were seven new physicians began work in 2007. The new hires included two interventional cardiologists, two pediatricians, a general surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. Even the recent hires cannot .pensate for the lack of people hence recruitment is still going on. Six positions are still open like an orthopedic spine surgeon, a family medicine position and a radiologist. With the HMC implementation of a hospitalist program that October more employees were hired. What the program does is provide health care to inpatients especially from those outside of Hays who might not have a local primary caregiver. With the program running there were six jobs open, four of which have been filled the year before. They were able to hire a fifth physician and the positions were closed after the summer. They had more starting doctors them normal with the hospitalist program. In that year a big group of physicians worked in the hospital. To help in getting more professional they had to use online .munication. It difficult to hire new people is the shortage of medical professionals is expected to reach its height in 2020. More people need to work hard when they are recruiting says the director. When hiring you need to be in the know so that the best and the brightest will .e to you. Many cases see that Geographic location can be a considering factor but you might be lucky if an individual is willing to take a tour to check the place out. The hardest thing is just to get someone to take that leap and .e and visit. When they really take the time to .e over they will be able to see their facility, meet the medical staff, see the .munity and all the different things they have going on. Some places are more different then what other people perceive them to be. Recruitment is a .munity effort, and .munity fit is one of several characteristics recruiters look for. The other things to look into are excellent credentials, and a fit into the medical center and their particular practice. The medical center is very progressive, and they realize that physician recruitment and retention are the two main things that they have to be successful at. So far, they’ve been successful at getting people to consider them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: