Apple confirms iPhone has time vulnerabilities IOS devices facing the risk of restarting-sweets parade

Apple confirmed that iPhone had time to exploit: IOS devices will not restart the risk of Apple confirmed iPhone time loophole Jinghua times (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) "the iPhone time 1 1970 to manually adjust the month 1 day, then restart after the mobile phone is bricked." This is not a joke. Yesterday, reporters learned from Apple’s official website, apple confirmed that some iOS devices do exist such a loophole. "Manually set the date of the iOS device to May 1970 or before, and your iOS device will not restart." Apple weighing. Apple said it was about to issue a system update to solve the problem. Apple did not explain the specific reasons for this problem, but there are folk technology sources, this is because Apple iOS system using Unix timestamp (Unix epoch), the world standard time (UTC) in January 1, 1970 0 at 0 minutes and 0 seconds, set the value to 0, when the clock appeared less than 0 when the situation will cause a system crash. Although few people will be mobile phone time adjusted to more than 40 years ago, but a lot of people out of curiosity or want to try, and therefore caught. What’s more, it’s said that a lot of people are afraid of changing their phones into bricks and go to Apple retail stores to do experiments. According to the online processing methods, once the time settings really change "brick", you can use the power consumption of mobile phone or open the iPhone shell to remove the battery and then reinstall the method to make the phone return to normal. However, it is recommended that you do not attempt this easily. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

苹果证实iPhone有时间漏洞:IOS设备面临无法重启风险   苹果证实iPhone有时间漏洞   京华时报讯(记者古晓宇)“把iPhone的时间手动调节到1970年1月1日,再重启之后手机就变砖了。”这个说法并不是玩笑。昨天记者从苹果官网上了解到,苹果证实一些iOS设备确实存在这样一个漏洞。   “手动将iOS设备的日期设置到1970年5月或之前时间,你的iOS设备将无法重启。”苹果称。苹果表示,即将发布一个系统更新来解决这一问题。   苹果没有解释出现这一问题的具体原因,不过有民间技术人士称,这是因为苹果iOS系统时间使用Unix时间戳(Unix epoch),将世界标准时间(UTC)的1970年1月1日0点0分0秒的值设置为0,当时钟出现小于0的情况时,会导致系统崩溃。   虽然少有人会把手机的时间调到四十多年前,但不少人出于好奇还是想试上一试,也因此中招。更有甚者,据说有不少人怕自己的手机变“砖”,专门跑到苹果零售店去做试验。根据网上流传的处理方法,一旦因为时间设置真的变“砖”,可以通过耗光手机电量或者打开iPhone外壳把电池拆下再重装的办法来使手机恢复正常。不过还是建议大家轻易不要进行这种尝试。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: