Apple pay this morning on the line Beauty Group – public comment now supports the Sohu of science

Apple Pay this morning, the U.S. group – public comment has been supported – Sohu science and technology Beauty Group – public comment of the U.S. group and public comment has been supporting customers today using Apple Pay, a fast, secure payment. In more than 10000 cities nationwide restaurants, the use of the U.S. group, public comment App online payment, you can experience Apple Pay. In addition, users in the U.S. group, public comment App purchase movie tickets, hotels, tourism, entertainment and other categories and takeaway ordering can also be paid through Apple Pay. In order to cooperate with Apple Pay online, the public comment App launched Apple Pay spike special activities, providing exclusive spike benefits for Apple users, users can pay directly through Apple Pay. Security and privacy are the core of Apple Pay. When you add a credit card or a debit card, the actual card number is neither stored on the device nor stored on the Apple server. The system allocates a unique Device Account Number device account, encrypts the account and stores it in a secure Secure Element security chip on the device. Each transaction uses a one-time unique dynamic security code for authorization. U.S. group – public comment vertical business vice president Lou Xiaobo said, the U.S. group – public comment as a continuous innovation of Internet Co, has been committed to providing users with better product experience. Apple Pay in addition to simple and easy to use, but also to protect the user’s property safety, the U.S. group and public comment as the first batch of Apple Pay support App, will bring users a new mobile payment experience. When App is paid for goods or services, Apple Pay applies to iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad MINI 4, and iPadpro. For more information about Apple Pay, you can access: cn apple-pay

Apple Pay今晨上线 美团-大众点评现已支持-搜狐科技   美团-大众点评旗下美团及大众点评已于今日起支持顾客使用Apple Pay,一种快速、安全的支付方式。   在全国多城市超过万家商家用餐,使用美团、大众点评App在线支付都可体验Apple Pay。此外,用户在美团、大众点评App购买电影票、酒店旅游、休闲娱乐等品类以及外卖订餐时也可以通过Apple Pay进行支付。为配合Apple Pay上线,大众点评App推出Apple Pay秒杀专场活动,为苹果用户提供专属秒杀福利,用户可以直接通过Apple Pay进行支付。   安全性和私密性是Apple Pay 的核心所在。添加信用卡或借记卡时,实际的卡号既不存储在设备上,也不存储在Apple 的服务器上。系统会分配一个唯一的Device Account Number 设备帐号,对该帐号进行加密,并以安全的方式将其存储在设备上的Secure Element 安全芯片中。每次交易都使用一次性的唯一动态安全码进行授权。   美团-大众点评垂直业务副总裁娄晓博表示,美团-大众点评作为一家持续创新的互联网公司,一直致力于为用户提供更好的产品体验。Apple Pay除了简单易用之外,更能够保护用户的财产安全,此次美团及大众点评作为首批支持Apple Pay的App,将带给用户全新的移动支付体验。   在App 中为货物或者服务支付时,Apple Pay 适用于iPhone 6s、iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPad Air 2、iPad mini 3、iPad mini 4 以及iPadpro。   有关Apple Pay 的更多信息,可以访问: cn apple-pay 相关的主题文章: