Brilliant connection ten year old celebration, the most handsome grandpa Wang Deshun blessing (video reshacker

Brilliant line ten years of celebration, the most handsome grandpa Wang Deshun across the empty blessing glorious celebration of ten years of "connection", "Thailand mountain down to… Tencent entertainment news with this year a black-and-white silent art film" winter "was released, produced brilliant attachment also entered the public view. In October 21st, brilliant line also ushered in the tenth year birthday, its chairman Liu Dachuan, CEO Ronaldo and his love of vanadium Media Group Chairman Ma Zhigang, the audience CEO Zhang Tuo, director Xing Jian, director Xu Xiaoli, the famous actor Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi and other industry insiders to celebrate. Brilliant line (Beijing) International Culture Media Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a collection of film and television production, music production and activities organized as one of the professional media company, its divided into three business segments: brilliant pictures, music Show and brilliant record. Brilliant pictures have produced drama "legend", "old geniuses to drift", the film "winter", "a Lolita three" father and a lot of new media film. The art film "winter" won the thirty-ninth Montreal International Film Festival "best art Contribution Award", including a number of domestic and international awards, and the participation of the sixty-ninth Cannes International Film festival. At present, from the famous Hongkong film producer, Chinese Pang youth director Xu Xiaoli co wrote the film "Thailand events" being filmed, the film actor Sean Lau Nicholas Tse teamed, and "young and dangerous" Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan and other powerful coffee, is expected in 2017, reflecting. Le Show is focused on the activities of the exhibition, the theme of the party, such as high-end custom planning and development, has held several large-scale exhibition. The high-end user private heart warming custom activities is also good at Le Show field, and its planning to host all kinds of hot party has become a respected urban life condiment. Brilliant record has a professional music producer team and management team, in cooperation with Japan and South Korea have created profound entertainment idols, or play with Lee Hom, Tan Weiwei, Ayumi Hamasaki, SNSD, TVXQ, Rain, Super Junior and many other artists, and the signing of a number of potential artists. In addition, the brilliant record music copyright management, the acquisition of Japan and South Korea and other countries to produce excellent works for the subsequent development of chess. Scene ten anniversary, many guests for brilliant connection to the blessing, "winter", the protagonist of the film is known as "the most handsome man" actor Wang Deshun is in the field of filming, also came across the empty blessing video, Happy birthday wishes and make a brilliant connection, more excellent works to the audience. Celebration, brilliant connection also released the next focus of the project: video, activities, music are involved. Film department said, in addition to being shot in the past "and" Thailand, Xing Jian director once again cooperate film "mountain", the film teamed famous actor Chang Chen, Li Meng, Xing Jian again efforts to create. Le Show will join the Beijing card and Media Co., moving further build two dimensional Kingdom culture "Adorable about city MYC", to experience as the core, set, interactive entertainment, idle away in seeking pleasure and exchange experiences and plan the implementation of derivatives and other content as a whole, the formation of cartoon culture ecological group.相关的主题文章: