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China largest freshwater lake below the water level of Lake vegetable change: fishermen ashore – Beijing to abandon Jiangxi Beijing Hukou on 28 September, (Wang Jian Jiang Tao Wu Pengquan) Hukou, named for the longest river and the Yangtze River China China largest freshwater lake in Poyang Lake. Because the water level of Poyang Lake sag, advance into the low level along the coast of Hukou Lake by villagers exposed fertile land to grow vegetables, some fishermen also put away the nets, abandon the ship ashore. Because the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, regional rainfall, speed per day to about 0.2 meters of the Poyang Lake water level decreased rapidly, the drought and flood. 9:15 on September 28th, Poyang Lake landmark Xingzi hydrological water below 10 metres of dry point, dropped to 9.99 meters, compared to July this year, the highest level since the beginning of the new century has dropped 21.38 meters, 11.39 meters. Hukou County in Shizhongshan is located in the intersection of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake, 61.8 meters above sea level. Because rocks gap, water pump, such as a bell sound named. China song writer Su Shi has a look down the mountain at night, and wrote the famous "Shizhongshan". See Washington reporter 27 visits to Shizhongshan, Shizhongshan, near the exposed fertile land has turned vegetable, nearby villagers in the vegetable garden cultivation, weeding, hard work. With the retreat, the newly reclaimed vegetable also continue to extend down the lake, just take out small colza. Five year old Liu Mao Guizheng took the gourd to the vegetable water, "this year the water level back quickly, which can be a little bit." From September to November, this is the Poyang Lake fishing peak, but this fall, due to Poyang Lake than in previous years too "thin", fishery resources is greatly reduced, some fishermen helpless abandon ship ashore. "Water back down, no fish", is tidying up the nets Dong Kenpan told Beijing reporters, compared with previous years, Poyang Lake more than a month earlier in the dry season, this season was the fish peak, about twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan in advance into the dry season (RMB) loss." Jiangxi Province Water Conservancy Department experts said, Poyang Lake years of low water level, indicating that the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake hydrological situation has undergone major changes. The extension of low water level has a great impact on the ecological environment and the production and living water in Lake area. Deputy director of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of hydrology, Li Guowen is expected in mid October, Poyang Lake Xingzi 8 meters lower than the water level will be extremely, suggested that the relevant departments should take effective measures to deal with countermeasures as soon as possible. (end)相关的主题文章: