Civil Aviation University of China heating teachers in the family dormitory hot students cold winavi

Civil Aviation University of China heating teachers in the family dormitory hot students cold? This year, the winter warm for the protection of public, the city officially moved to November 5th in the normal heating, but the Civil Aviation University of China students reflect, until November 17th, they are still in the dormitory. One of the students reflect that: all the dormitory AVIC Southern Institute of up to 15 18:00 without heating. North of the school is the same as the 11 heating. In the end is the reason for the maintenance of the pipeline, or a variety of construction reasons, the school does not have a clear statement, did not publish accurate heating news. And at noon on November 17th, there are still students to the news 117 (micro signal: news117) complained that the southern part of the school dormitory has not yet been normal heating, students boil so many days, really have to cry. Press 117 (micro signal: news117) learned that this year a large aircraft did not schedule the normal heating, then the school campus North Hospital first part of heating, the information obtained is the school students within the repair pipeline, so heating is a bit slow." There is no difference between the outdoor temperature and the outdoor temperature, we can’t stand it. When we go to bed at night, we will wake up late at night." Think about the situation of the students feel cold! The 5 day: the family heating office floor Courtyard South of the normal heating in 15 uniform heating news 117 (micro signal: news117) the reporter contacted the Dongli district heating Office learned that after the Civil Aviation University of using self heating boilers, due to fuel grid unified requirements, this year with the Tianjin city ThermoElectron Corporation (AVIC Tianjin Energy Group) signed an agreement of heating network. Students worry: whether the pipe network transformation has not yet ended? But the Dongli district heating Office Huang a responsible person said, the transformation period in September 28th of this year before entry, the heating period, all time has been completed. However, the two sides due to the issue of the internet protocol due to the payment of the bill failed to delay the heating, resulting in students failed to enjoy the winter heating. 15, the Municipal Construction Committee to coordinate the matter, to ensure that the first heating. Huang said, at present, China has 5 large families of building the normal heating, air heating in advance by the school to Dabei Institute is using their own schools, geothermal wells, South Hospital by ThermoElectron Corporation have been in the afternoon of 15 uniform heating. The injection time after heating may have half a day, but a start can heat 15 days, we will have to send to the hot Southern Institute of avic." He also said that the school has a public building maintenance and repair system, there are still some quarters failed to normal heating, it is not clear, it is the school’s own thing. Civil aviation: campus dormitory is part of the public building is not involved in the early heating yesterday afternoon, news 117 (micro signal: news117) reporter contacted the Civil Aviation University of China. The civil aviation logistics company responsible manager Deng responded that the building belongs to the residential area of the city, in advance to the November 5th normal heating plan; and the campus student dormitory in a part of the building, is still 15 days of heating. Deng said the manager, after the civil aviation.相关的主题文章: