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[color] net victory in 16165 period: Leipzig Asian plate at capsize victory in 16128 disc period analysis of 01 United VS Burnley   0.81 ball half ball 1.09 weeks although Manchester United British Cup qualifying, but important league consecutive three victories, the team is still very great pressure, but the weekend league struggling in the face Burnley team ushered in the long respite, Burnley road continuously defeated the limited capacity, sub refers to the early United given the ball half ball low paid home court advantage on disk, or with the two teams and the normal gap, market outlook has been gradually raising disc two ball in high loss retaining plate pattern, Manchester United home court by virtue of the strength of the chance to win two normal ball very high. Recommendation: 302 Meader VS Bourne Mao   1.12 even half 0.79 newly promoted Meader League start performance is acceptable, but the recent row over have exposed the suspect, Bourne Mao recent two wins and three draws Masamori, sub refers to the early and did not give Meader homeopathy dismal performance, the main low field, but the normal payment from a low after the afternoon again early to get the ball, so this concern lies in the Meader home court points, home court defeats under Meader under false let not credible, the real draw opportunity is often higher, the impressive Bourne Mao guest more chance to undefeated. Recommendation: 1003 Tottenham VS Lecce city   1.07 ball 0.83 teams in the Champions League next week were distracted, Tottenham recent League encounter two Lianping, Lecce city recently away all the loss, sub refers to the early given Tottenham home court a ball high slightly paid great care, and no normal face two teams strength, but the home court advantage overstating homeopathy Tottenham intention, Lecce City Champions League three game winning streak, the Champions League distraction, the pressure is not great, but not too relaxed, so pull high loss, two teams draw real opportunities are often not low, Tottenham will be difficult to win the opportunity to home court. Recommendation: 3104 Waterford VS Hull city   0.98 half 0.92 Waterford face of the recent four opponents have limited – two performance in general, Hull City League suffered five defeats, the team is urgently needed to stop the tide, and refers to pay high compensation given early advantage on disk in a half Watford home court, deliberately overstating the confidence of Waterford homeopathic status the advantage of the current situation of intention, Hull City League points to fight the actual demand, the Watford home court advantage is not big, the real opportunity to draw more. Recommendation: 1305 VS Manchester City West Brom   0.87 ball ball half 1.03 Manchester week in the British cup eliminated Manchester United, the intention of the team rotation strategy is more obvious, the league and the Champions League has a lot of pressure, the Champions League two consecutive winless, next week should pay Barcelona home court also need obvious distraction, the league has also been continuous three victories, and refers to the morning and didn’t look at the current downturn in Manchester situation and distracted the Champions League situation, but a strong rally Manchester City at a ball ball half deep plate edge processing, C at home court相关的主题文章: