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Fashion-Style ‘Wickedly indulgent’ and ‘sensuously empowering’ are just some of the attributed reviews for House of Dana’s debut fragrance Tabu. Legend has it the venerable scent was a favorite of Ava Gardner, the glamorous brunette vixen of the 40’s silver-screen. Much like Tabu, Ava Gardner had two very different personalities the silver-screen siren whose coy, yet lascivious smile gained her a cult male following; and the Ava who loved nothing more than to walk around barefoot with her Corgi in tow. Nurturing Nostalgia The musky, often described ‘earthy’ scent of Tabu doubtless reminded Ava of her roots, growing up on a tobacco farm in the rural South of America, and for many, it still conjures memories of yesteryear. Whether worn by yourself during the height of the glamor era between the 30’s and 40’s, or wafted into your environment by your mother; Tabu has that innate ability to rekindle fond nostalgia in glorious Technicolor. The base notes .prising of amber and oakmoss, sublimely infused with a dash of bergamot and jasmine contribute to a fragrance endearingly dubbed ‘luxurious’ by it’s wearers, despite a brief suggesting it was created with ‘loose women’ in mind. Scents of Sillage The surprising versatility of Tabu has long been the subject of consumer reviews, with many users claiming never to have worn a perfume that bears such aromatic longevity. Almost all will agree that such is the strength of Tabu, that this too sets it apart considerably from other ‘heavier’ scents. The sillage of Dana Classic’s Tabu is such that reviewers affirmatively agree a little goes a very long way. The glamorous age of the 1930’s significantly influenced the manner by which perfumes were made. Unlike modern fragrances, the concentration of additives was extremely high, with very little dilution. Jean Carles, famed for his iconic advancements in perfume creation, devised a system of basic fragrance bases, to which other individual aromas could then be added. This led to the base, middle and top note system for which many fragrances are categorized today. Tabu’s surprisingly noticeable sillage is a testament to the work of Jean Carles, as well as the perfect blend of aromas that influence Dana Tabu’s evolving character. A Winter Warmer The flagship oriental fragrance from the House of Dana has long been coveted by women seeking a little more from their scent, when the summer heat begins to wane. Watery essences and light playful florals are ideal when the skin perspires, but Tabu is designed for that red-carpet, stand-up-and-take notice time of year when a harder fragrance is needed to bite the winter chill in the tail. And let’s face it, when you are wrapped up in several layers of woolen knits, a heavier fragrance truly is in order. Many users .pare the delicious .bination of vetiver, bergamot and sandalwood to those spicy, winter aromas associated with mulled wine, clove and spiced orange. But it’s perhaps the fact that such covering up really adds to the feminine mystery, and wearing Tabu unravels it a little! Reborn, But Not Re-branded When a consumer base don’t just miss a perfume, but the bottle too, you can be pretty certain that the product was a smash-hit when first released. But for that consumer base to still yearn for that product within it’s iconic packaging nearly 75 years post-debut; it has to be something pretty spectacular. There seems to be an unparalelled desire for the return of that distinctive cello/ violin bottle that gave women the over-the-counter retail therapy thrill back in the 30’s. The House of Dana, ever intent on keeping both their new, and loyal Tabu audience content have revived that iconic bottle shaped within the limited anniversary product range for the anniversary. Those unfamiliar with Tabu will find the new contemporary bottles both sleek and minimalistic, beautifully accented by the smoky amber liquid within. Tabu may have been reborn after a brief time ‘off-shelf’ in the 70’s, but Dana have certainly ensured the ‘Classic’ has retained every ounce of it’s character! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: