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David Xiao He vase "imitation show no dead controversy – Beijing, Jiangning museum’s" vase "placed in a prominent position. Jinling Evening News reporter Duan Renhu photo – Jinling Evening News reporter Yu Feng Nanjing City Museum "treasures", national treasures — "Xiao He in chasing Han Xin Yuan blue and white vase" has recently become a "red net". Launched in the State Bureau of cultural relics "dating micro-blog Museum" in the selection, many strong competitors it beat including "Monalisa", as voted the popular king". "Jinling Evening News" on the day before "Xiao He in chasing Han Xin vase" made a report, mentioned the need for the protection of cultural relics, the vase in the temple of Nanjing City Museum exhibition has been showing only "half of his face". But recently, some readers to reflect, Jiangning District Museum in imitation of the bottle height show "clone", but 360 degrees around the display, this is not conducive to the readers to think about the protection of the vase. Nanjing City Museum: on the back of the external display not "Xiao He in chasing Han blue and white vase" (hereinafter referred to as the "Xiao He company") in China is currently one of the highest preservation of blue and white porcelain products, the best artistic value, known as "national treasures in the treasure". The reporter learned from the departments of cultural relics, "the Xiao He vase" Tibet Museum, had long secret. In 2010, Nanjing City Museum upgrading, the vase is abundant in the city began to display "zhenguanzhibao" and "jade Tangjia" exhibition hall debut, and placed in the most conspicuous place. The reporter saw, "Xiao He bottle" were placed in a big showcase, outside the line of separation will be separated from the audience and showcase, in addition to a security dingshou. The bottle is not the side and back the external display, visitors to around to the side to stop shooting, security was on the spot. It is understood that since the "Xiao He bottle" from the 2010 show, exhibit only "half face", namely Xiao He, Cemayangbian the Prancing Horse gallop, anxiously chasing Han Xin’s side. Other parts will not be displayed on the outside. Nanjing Museum Exhibition Department experts, one is to prevent the imitation of this national treasure cultural relics, but also in order to comply with the provisions of the national treasures exhibition. Jiangning Museum: "the other half of his face" this is the original "but at another museum, a replica of the original" Xiao vase without shelter, "let people knowing its obscured secrets!" The day before, readers provide such clues to reporters, he said "another museum is a museum of Jiangning district. When visiting the Museum of Jiangning District, Mr. Zhou, in the souvenir counter to see a "Xiao He bottle" are selling fake goods, around no shelter, no dead can also watch, "half face", is also at a glance. Mr. Zhou believes that although it is imitation, but the practice of Jiangning area of the museum is not appropriate, "although it is imitation, but is also highly replicated, this approach to protect cultural relics treasures is wrong, at least do not have a strong sense of security!" Reporters yesterday to visit the Museum of Jiangning District, found on the first floor is a souvenir counter display imitation of the "Xiao He company" blue and white vase, the price of 7000 yuan. The staff, the peak of the vase相关的主题文章: