Defiant And Unrepentant Nancy Pelosi Says She Has No Regrets About Her Time As

UnCategorized A defiant and unrepentant Nancy Pelosi says that she has no regrets about her time as House speaker. In a TV interview yesterday with Diane Sawyer for ABC "News," the terminated speaker declared that not only did she not have any regrets about her four years as speaker, but she also truly believed that she did the right thing and also "worked very hard" in her work to make sure the American people understood that. Those .ments by the fired speaker will be shocking to the majority of Americans who voted in a more conservative GOP on Tuesday, seeing as how she’s either totally delusional or just stubbornly ideological to the point where she’s unreasonable. It may even be a twisted .bination of both, especially when her four years as House speaker were marked by some of the worst years the US has ever seen. While most people obviously can’t expect Pelosi to admit what a failure she was-though it would be nice to, for a change, just have a destructive Democrat admit her sins and beg for forgiveness!-her .ments are totally at odds with the notorious record of what she "ac.plished" as speaker for four years. Hailed by the submissive and conspiring liberal media as something of a real go-getter when she became the speaker in 2006 after the Democrats took the House, Pelosi now has some of the worst favorability and approval ratings of any politician in all the US. The reason can be traced back to all the bad that’s occurred in the country since her dimwitted Democrats took over four years ago, along with putrid and unpopular piece of legislation after another that she has been instrumental in pushing through the House. Here is an example of the atrocities that happened to occur just while Pelosi was enjoying her tenure as speaker. The biggest and most obvious disaster that quickly springs to mind is the financial meltdown of 2008, which, to be fair, was really more Barney Frank’s fault as the number one defender of both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Then, there was her instrumental arm-twisting and pushing through of both Barack Obama’s failed "stimulus" bill and the even worse Obamacare debacle bill. Besides just those few examples-which is just a small sampling-let’s also recount the personal scandals Pelosi was involved in, or, at least, instances where her reputation was tainted by the appearance of scandal. Up first is Pelosi’s continued use of a jet that was much bigger than the mere 12-seat plane used by her predecessor, Dennis Hastert. In addition, this is to say nothing of the fact that she even used an even bigger jet, the 50-seat C-32, occasionally. Next up is Pelosi’s unscrupulous misconduct of accusing the entire CIA of lying-remember that?! Back in the spring of 2009, Pelosi risked the safety of US intelligence when she publicly shamed the CIA by alleging it had lied to her about waterboarding during the Bush Administration. However, the CIA denied Pelosi’s doubtful allegation, and the Democrat-lapdog media refused to grill Pelosi for what appeared to be a .plete fabrication on her part. Keep in mind that these few examples about Pelosi’s legislation that she pushed for and her own, personal scandals are only a fraction of everything I could’ve included…if I had the space to write at least a whole encyclopedia. However, based on these ignominious facts, it’s clear that Pelosi’s four years as speaker were marked by arrogantly pushing through very unpopular legislation that many Americans resented and by involving herself in scandals. If I were Pelosi, I’d say my time as speaker should be characterized by nothing but regret! The fact that Pelosi fanatically insists that she did "the right thing" tells me how extreme her arrogance really is. There are signs, such as her low approval ratings and her party’s election losses, that confirm she is the worst speaker ever, yet she’s still defiant. Is this insanity already, or just extreme arrogance? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: