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Football Several surveys on the popularity of different sports display an amazing result. Football is the most popular sport of all with its grand stage, the World Cup every four years, more than 3 billion fans worldwide. Estimation says that there are 50,000 registered football clubs, with up to 3 million participants in the UK alone. Massive crowds carrying more than 50,000 spectators on a regular basis are attracted by the Leading football clubs. All these surveys, reports and estimation points to football making it highly popular sport throughout the world. World Cup announced every four years is the stage for football where the world’s players can make use of this opportunity by performing well and seeking fortune in the form of name and fame. Kicking the ball inside the net and helping your team to win will make you a famous person by night. Fans play an important part in the football field. They travel across the globe to support their favorite team by their cheers, banners and message, wild and bold make up and applause. These types of mental support provided by the fans of football are immeasurable and uplift the spirit of the players to play well. Not only does a football helps a player to earn name and fame but also does a wonderful job of building many different physical skills in young children that helps them to progress in football, other sports, and in life in general. Football will help children to develop their speed, promptness, balance, subsistence, and strength. Such physical skills are very important while playing football. If such skills are developed in the children when they are young then there are probabilities to bloom into a champion later in life. Skills learnt for football could be used in other sports as well. This could be explain taking the example of basketball players Hakeem Olajuwon, who grew up playing basketball in Africa and imputed his great balance and coordination to the many years playing football. Apart from physical skills football also teaches children co-ordination and .munication because both are necessary to keep the spirit of the players of the team always high. It also teaches the children the value of determination and hard work because it is the determined and hard working teams that never fails. Next, playing football also develops the sportsmanship spirit in the children. Children are taught how to be humble winners and gracious losers, and how to deal the other emotions that .e along with playing sports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: