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Arts-and-Entertainment SMS messages, RSS feeds, podcasts, voice broadcast, video emails, websites, blogs, banner ads, and outdoor digital displays. These are the different channels that digital marketing uses to get information to customers. Marketing on digital mediaplatforms such as these involves two basic strategies to inform current and potential customers. First is the Pull method wherein the customer seeks the information about the products and/ or services through digital media channels. Through this method, the customers will be visiting the .panys sources of information. The customers are the ones requesting to view the specific content and getting the information they need. This method is typically used on websites, blogs, streaming audio and video sources. And information is not necessarily confined on the .panys website alone. Blogs on other websites can contribute to this marketing method by informing the consumer about the products and services of the .pany or by referring the .panys website itself. In this Digital Media marketing strategy, there are neither restrictions on file size nor opt- on requirements but only low technology requirements for the .pany. Marketing, however, is required for this strategy. There are little efforts in tracking visitors and there is no personalization provided to keep the visitors .ing back. Another digital media marketing strategy is the Push method. In this method, the customers are provided the information by receiving or viewing advertisements through Out of Home Digital Media channels such as SMS, RSS, cell phone calls, etc. Customers are encouraged to be.e subscribers of the latest product and service information provided by Advertising .panies . With this method, there is a possibility or opportunity to personalize brand messages thus creating high conversation rates and detailed tracking of customer choices. But it will require Can Spam Act 2003 .pliance and most customers must opt- in first before advertisers can advertise through this method. It is also easy to be blocked and customers can simply opt- out although this sense of control might attract customers to subscribe. Advertisers will also be required to have delivery technology. Solutions for marketing on digital media include the use of multiple channels of delivery, along with the use of both Push and Pull digital marketing techniques. Both of these methods can be used to deliver messages and information about the .panys products and services to its customers along with those who submit inquiries. This is a very Effective Advertising method since these days almost everyone has a cell phone, an MP3 play or an iPod, and is able to view Outdoor Media displays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: