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Ding became workaholic hit Selby CCTV: hesitation he sees Ding Junhui full of momentum won two games sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, 2016, the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament into the finals of the competition, Ding Junhui in the second stage Xiandiu after three games won two games, made the 8-6 lead. In the game, Ding Junhui played very hard, decisive he also won the praise of CCTV commentary, said the hesitation of the missing Ding Junhui. In sleepwalking played second period before the three game, Ding Junhui behind two very decisive, with CCTV commentary stated: "he is now walking with the wind." Ding Junhui appears to be full of momentum, very decisive, hit the ball after a hard shot, it seems as if back in the afternoon that state is excellent, unstoppable state of god. After Ding Junhui have been in the 100-0 and 98-0 of two end, Ding Junhui on the pitch has seemed unstoppable. Mr Xu Xinjian praised: "Ding Junhui’s hesitation is gone now, it is very straightforward to play Ding Junhui." Indeed, in recent years, the more mature Ding Junhui in the game in addition to the level of technology is still stable, there is a great improvement in psychological quality. In the game, before a change of Ding Junhui hesitate to state, in the game played very firmly, sometimes even seem risky, but there is a steady have ready plans to meet a situation. For Ding Junhui’s excellent state, Jiang Yi praised: "now that Ding Junhui is playing any ball, you can’t say no chance." (Wei Yumu)相关的主题文章: