Don’t want to say goodbye! Jinhua Yiwu a young police on duty

Don’t want to say goodbye! Jinhua Yiwu a young police on duty in October 29th, Jinhua Yiwu City Public Security Bureau police Comrade Fu Fangqing farewell ceremony held in Yiwu City funeral home eternal hall, deputy political commissar of the Party committee, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau Yang Shanglin, Yiwu city public security bureau Party committee, the traffic police brigade captain Ma Xiaoqing and the police units, police representatives, comrade Fu Fangqing relatives more than 300 people attended the farewell ceremony. It is understood that Fu Fangqing is Yiwu town Zhangtang Xu village, is a Yiwu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Police Association, and his life forever fixed in a 26 year old. 11:46 on October 14th, Yiwu Xinke road Wanda City Road, a truck and a TOYOTA car scratch slight accident, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Beiyuan squadron after receiving the alarm, the police to the scene disposal instructions of Fu Fangqing. Fu Fangqing police to sincol choujiang fire team of full-time sections, and a Buick car accident, causing his injuries, rushed to the hospital to rescue 8 hours after the final rescue invalid, died on the same day at 20:57. On duty, the families under the huge grief raised body donation, but because the rescue time is too long, the end of Fu Fangqing’s life not in other ways. According to teammate Li Bin memories, around 11:30 on October 14th, he and Fu Fangqing together to eat lunch. At dinner, Fu Fangqing also talked about the day before had Fuyi elderly cross the road, after the old Fu also said to ask him to drink. "He said, although some police pay is low, but can be recognized by others, he is also very satisfied." Li Bin said. At 11:46 at noon that day, received instructions called Yiwu Shinco road Wanda City Road, a truck and a TOYOTA car scratch slight accident. A few minutes later, and received another alarm, Yongshun Road, Yiwu road accident also occurred. Fu Fangqing was assigned to the first scene of the accident. After receiving the assignment, Fu Fangqing stood up and said to the other players, I went first, and then went to the duty room to take the helmet, witness card. Duty room teammate Fang Ping received second assigned to go to Yongshun Road, I see him come in, I told him, you go first, and so on my side to deal with to meet with you." Fu Fangqing take the usual equipment, and driving a motorcycle out of the Yiwu City Traffic Police Brigade squadron Beiyuan gate to the new road direction. The new road choujiang fire team of full-time Road, in front of a red car suddenly turn, Fu Fangqing avoid hit up, people were thrown to the side of the green belt. After the accident, Fu Fangqing was rushed to hospital after 8 hours, eventually died, died in the evening at 20:57. Fu Fangqing is an ordinary people’s children, the family is not rich, since the childhood to develop the habit of thrift. At noon in summer hot weather when other players love to buy drinks to quench their thirst, Fu Fangqing buy a vat of bottled water, so the more economic benefits. And when the police, Fu Fangqing always wanted to go to a vocational school, after graduation, he went to enroll in conscripts, but in check-up when check out rhinitis, and ultimately missed the opportunity to exercise to the camp. Later, Fu Fangqing became a co Yiwu City Public Security Bureau, the police station.相关的主题文章: