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Important Things To Know About Knowledge Management In Elearning Posted By: Jonelle
Knowledge Management in eLearning 3 Strategies To Create Video Based E-learning Solutions Posted By: Gireesh Sharma Technology is always the backbone when developing custom e-learning courses. Modern learners can now view a variety of e-learning solutions through different devices :laptops, mobiles, tablets or smart-phones. This opens the avenues of developing media rich content that has a strong impact on the learner, thereby fulfilling the foremost learning objective of any e-learning course. In this scenario, Video has become a popular media insertion in online training courses in the current scenario. Developers are always looking for ways of grabbing the learner’s attention and video is a sure-shot way of doing that. Here are 3 strategies that can be utilized to create impactful video-based e-learning solutions. Short learning nuggets are impactful Short bursts of video are more likely to have a sustained impact. Longer videos do not contribute to the overall learning objectives of an online training course. Short learning videos can be developed that encapsulate concepts or topics through a mix of minimalistic text and basic graphics. These videos provide a quick and instantaneous learning opportunity for the learner, which helps them gain quick knowledge out of an online learning course.

e-learning solutions The Story-based Learning Object Posted By: Tata Interactive Systems

learning solutions What Is A Wearable Technology? Posted By: Tata Interactive Systems

wearable technology Play At Work Posted By: Tata Interactive Systems "Menkaure Menkaure Menkaure!" the discerning roars resounded through the expanse of the Sahara, as the shadows of men hauled big slabs of stone for assembling a future world wonder. Two distinct teams chanted spiritedly, as they competed against each other to haul these slabs up the Pyramid of Giza. Cheers grew louder as the gang of "Friends of the Menkaure" moved ahead, seemingly in a position of victory. Although this was in the 5th Century BC, all that remained was a powerful vestige of victory upon the walls. This was indeed one of the most notable incidents of competition as a means of motivation. Play at Work! Due to the intricate nature of architecture, and the short timeline for development, the workforce was divided into two teams, each consisting of 2000 men. This was further divided into 5 phyles, each comprising 200 skilled/unskilled workers with gang names or titles such as "Friends of Menkaure", from the Menkaure Pyramid, or "Stepped Pyramid gang" in order to track progress, boost morale and mark achievements of these individual gangs. (The Myth of Ancient Egypt, Charlotte Booth) Signs of competition acting as motivators were not uncommon in the olden times;

learning solutions Benefits Of Using Learning Management Systems For Corporate Training Posted By: Phobos LMS Corporate training plays a major role in sharpening the skills of employees of an organization. Whether it be a training program for new employees or it be updating the seniors on latest technologies, learning management systems can be very handy. Gone are the days when companies used to provide their employees with printed material to educate them on the various processes and workflow of the industry. LMS services provided by ELearning development companies come at flexible pricing and enable organizations of any size to impart knowledge to the employees without any hassles. One of the major benefits of using LMS services is that the organization can easily manage the training programs in all aspects. ELearning development companies often design the learning management systems in such a way that documentation, tracking, and reporting can be done easily and quickly. Since all of the processes are digitally managed and the course materials are distributed online, quite an amount of money spent on the stationery can be saved. E-learning solutions also help organizations go green. Today industries also have the responsibility of contributing to a greener world.

learning management system Online Video Tutorials For Your Business Posted By: Rayan Quisely If you really want your business to be successful, you should try to do things a bit differently from your competitors. For instance, when you are advertising your business, you should use the latest marketing techniques because they are unique and more effective. This is where online video tutorials come in handy. These tutorials are quite effective as they provide your customers with important information about your business. Many people today do not like watching adverts because they appear exaggerated. That is why you create your adverts in a way that will help your customers learn something valuable in the process. It is also important to use tutorials to promote your business as many people today prefer to seek information through e learning. If you create a nice video tutorial for your website, you are guaranteed to have a large number of people viewing it every day. This in turn offers you a great opportunity to transform these viewers into potential customers. You will also enjoy higher Google rankings since your website will always be full of traffic. People today are always looking for information to make their lives better.

online video tutorials How Can Interactive Elearning Solutions Catalyze The Learning Process? Posted By: Gireesh Sharma E-learning is being counted amongst one of the emerging and fastest growing segments of the corporate sector. In the competitive corporate world where constant up-gradation of skills play a crucial role for achieving success, this new training technology can prove to be highly useful. Therefore, many business houses intend to deploy the e-learning solutions to either train in-house as well as remotely located employees. But the cost of these solutions can act as a deterrent for the small and medium companies. Hence in such cases some of the companies outsource their requirements of interactive module. Basically e-learning stands for electronic learning, in which content is delivered via the Internet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM Importance of Elearning solutions With the growing popularity in all the areas of education and training it offers interactive mode of learning. One can approach to the larger target audience by using online learning and it provides opportunities to capture real world scenarios. It works well specially for the participants who cannot attend the sessions regularly and hence might prefer to opt for mobile e-learning. Not just corporate but also many universities and colleges can deploy these solutions to offer e-learning courses.

e-learning solutions Lms Elearning Enhancing Organisational Productivity Posted By: Gireesh Sharma

e learning for companies Improve Employment Prospects In Housekeeping Jobs In Australia With Online Training Posted By: Raymond Browing In times when growth rates are slow in other sectors, cleaning sector in Australia is showing some positive rise. Number of vacancies is increasing in this field and professional cleaning services are looking for trained staff to improve their quality of work. Those who are looking for their first job or those who want to switch their job to earn a better salary can take advantage of this growth. However, more employment opportunities will come your way only if you possess the required skills and training. If you do not have time to join a traditional training school, then Online Training for cleaning Australia jobs can be the best solution. Get better opportunities Many cleaning jobs require no previous experience or training, but this also limits the chances of your advancement in this sector. With more training and skills, candidates can apply for higher positions and can earn a handsome amount by claiming higher hourly rate. All you need is to spot a reliable online training provider to get Online Training for cleaning Australia jobs. Online training can help you to acquire a certification without sacrificing your studies or work, as you can balance your work with the training.

cleaning job Australia E-learning Solutions For Organizational Training Posted By: Gireesh Sharma In today’s highly-competitive business environment, no company wants to be left behind in the race to reach the top. Starting from a well-planned business model to a strong work flow process, an organization has to continuously maintain a high-level of commitment towards its business goals. One would agree that an organization’s success largely depends on its workforce and a well-informed and technically sound workforce can be an asset to any organization. Therefore, one witnesses organizations willing to nurture its workforce through regular and advanced trainings, to enhance skills and expertise. Organizations schedule regular employee trainings, on a weekly or on a monthly basis, depending on the requirement. Earlier, organizational trainings followed the classroom-based teaching method. Though successful, such trainings meant consumption of a large amount of printed material, thus increasing training costs. Another drawback of the classroom-based teaching was that the trainers had to evaluate trainees’ assignments manually, which consumed a lot of time of the trainers. With the advent of elearning, the scenario is changing dramatically. E-learning has several benefits, such as it being less expensive, flexible, self-paced, easily manageable, and consistent. There many companies in the market that provide elearning solutions to corporates.

LMS Active Iq Academy Delivers Fitpro’s Kidzmove Elearning & Online Resources Posted By: Active IQ Academy Working with FitpPro to deliver instructor training for its new children’s fitness product, KidzMove, Active IQ Academy is providing the eLearning and online resources to ensure that all instructors are safe and knowledgeable in their delivery of health and fitness training for children. Launching January 2012, KidzMove is designed to get children more active and help combat the growing childhood obesity epidemic. Aiming to get children more active and make healthy living a habit before children reach adulthood, KidzMove uses FitPro’s unrivalled fitness resources to create a series of exercise programmes for children. Delivered in health clubs around the world, the programmes are a varied and comprehensive resource for anyone passionate about getting children healthy, active and confident. Andy Jackson, Global Commercial Director at FitPro, said: "KidzMove is all about getting children excited about playing, dancing, running, having fun and moving. It will be a massive boost to the fitness industry as we play our part in improving the nation’s health.

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Digital School Elearning Enters Medical Discipline Posted By: Soffia Anderson Elearning is spreading its wings across different subjects and disciplines and medicine is one of them. Medicine is one such discipline that can make use of elearning as an effective tool of learning and training. Knowledge and performance of medical and healthcare professionals can be given a boost with the help of elearning solutions. The learners can very well control the time of learning, the content, pace, media and also the learning sequence if they opt for certifications through elearning. Since everyone has their own learning objectives, the elearning modules can be tailor made for different professionals. Some of the big hospitals around the world have come forth and set up elearning ventures to help the professionals gain certifications in different subjects within the medical discipline. Today, elearning has become as effective as learning through lectures in colleges; the only difference being that not all the students are sitting together in a physical environment. While some students rely completely on the elearning courses, some complement these with instructor-led courses to make a perfect blend.

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change management implementation How Organizations Can Assess Their Employee Learning Needs? Posted By: Asma

assessing learning needs Learning Through Social Media, The Pros And Cons! Posted By: Asma Humans are social beings and naturally like to be social. Social media offers numerous opportunities for both personal and professional purposes i.e., right from connecting with family and friends to like-minded professionals. Research also concludes the fact that people are logging on to social networking sites like Twitter; Facebook and Linkedin like never before. Social media has witnessed a sea of change over the past few years. Apart from networking, it also enables people to teach others to develop 21st century competencies. Let"s see the advantages and disadvantages of social media learning: Advantages: Support Interaction: What is the difference between traditional and social media learning? The traditional method is a typical classroom kind of learning with little chance for interaction. However, social media learning takes the form of interaction which is a highly effective form of active learning. It helps network with people of similar passion and goals. It helps to share ideas and experiences, and obtain competencies implanted in real life, unravel opportunities and recommend the path to success. Natural Learning: According to research, people go to work to improve their relations with their colleagues rather than secure a good pay package.

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