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Fang Junlai Han on Venus "she is talented judges I am mortal" Chu "Chinese dance dance show good news", gave Venus and Fang Jun on this mutual acceptance "enemies" on the break, even after the two had no less words when the judges’ he did not have me". In November 19th, as "good China dance" 2016 Chinese extension activities "small good dance" division was officially launched in Wuhan, as judges to choose Han seedling, the mood of Jun Fang not only initiative to mention the "enemies" Venus, said "no talk is not today’s Venus", was asked last month Venus on his own again fire, is more generous and said "Venus is a genius, I am a mortal". Some time ago, Hunan TV variety show invited to Jun Fang to guide students in the program group for its "famous dance artist", Venus can’t help micro-blog fire, said that this is called "nonsense". In fact, these two people to the dance show judges identity based, tongue style not only impressed the audience, two people have never stopped fighting. This once again to the judges identity to Han Jun Fang, repeatedly stressed that "the face is the dance of love kids, and I will Huang Doudou to encourage, to establish confidence for them." In addition to say you’re from a professional perspective, respect the dance, Fong also took the initiative to talk about "enemies" Venus, "no talk show no Venus, no dance programs also not today’s Fang Jun, Huang Doudou is good, but he will only dance." When the media on the topic "the teacher asked the sound will not affect the mood, he responded that Venus is a genius, he is mortal. "Teacher Kim is a genius, genius to do things we mortals can not comment. Ordinary people to do a lot of things, to make their own peace of mind, but the teacher is different, she lived in the best room, the best reality show, genius idea we mortals can not figure out." (great Chu network exhibition)相关的主题文章: