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Software There are numerous android apps available in the market. And the good thing is that, currently there is no shortage of clever android mobile app developers giving out more and more android apps. With a hoard of numerous apps, it is easy to find interesting apps but the challenging part is to select the quality apps that won’t negatively affect your Android smartphone or make a hole in your pocket. Here are five most popular Android apps that are really of great use. The interesting thing is that most of them are available for free and work well. .FLIX The official .flix for Android app lets you watch .flix’s impressive catalog of streaming films, TV shows and other videos on your Android device. Its for free and also tracks your on screen progress, so you can pick up films or shows on other devices wherever you are left off. Starbucks The new android app by Starbucks is not a miss for all tech-savvy java lovers. This free app works like starbucks loyalty card. You need to register your card into the app, add cash for purchases and then your local barista can scan an on-device barcode when it’s time for you to pay. Also using starbucks for Android, you can locate nearby Starbucks stores, monitor your rewards and view recent transactions. Peggle The popular pinball game Peggle has recently made its way to Android platform. It’s all about shooting the balls. The creative graphics and quirky audio, along with surprisingly addictive gameplay, and the shooting pegs keep you engaged for hours. Hulu Plus Like .flix, this app brings a wide variety of streaming films and TV shows to the palm of your hand. It offers free content including popular shows and movies, whereas the bulk of streaming content is available to Hulu Plus customers only. Plant Vs Zombies Another iOS transplant, Plants and Zombies for Android is the most favorite game among the game players. In this game, using variety of plants, you need to protect your home from zombies. The game takes place in number of locations, including front yard, door, pool and roof. Like Peggle, it has colorful graphics along with engaging themes. Apart from these apps, if you still want to build your own app, you can hire app developer for Android, who is proficient in android game development as well as android app development. He/she can cater to your needs efficiently helping you to get the apps you desire. Article Source: Five Most Popular Android Apps 相关的主题文章: