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Exercise Arthritis can make your life distressing and it is more painful when the arthritis is in the hips. This is the reason that many people are adopting hip replacement surgery to get rid of this problem. But what if we can avoid hip breakdown? There is nothing better than that. There will be no need of any surgery at all. Prevention of hip breakdown is possible if you follow some simple steps. But if still you need to undergo surgery, you must make sure that you have gender specific hip replacement. It is done as hips differ from one gender to another. Male hips are different from female hips and thus should be treated in that manner. These simple tips can help in prevention of hip breakdown to a great extent: It is advised to have a balanced diet as a measure to prevention of hip breakdown. Your diet should contain all the vital nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy body. For healthy bones, calcium is mandatory. Therefore make sure that your diet has food that is rich in calcium. This will help in fighting osteoporosis as well as arthritis to a great extent. Some of the common food materials that are rich in calcium are milk, green leafy vegetables, cheese, yogurt, soy beans etc. these products are also prescribed after gender specific hip replacement for faster recovery and healing up. Doing some daily exercise is also beneficial in prevention of hip breakdown. Keeping the hip in action is necessary. You do not need to do very heavy exercises for the same. Simple jogging, walking, stair climbing etc are great exercises that can help to prevent hip breakdown. Weight lifting is a great exercise that can avoid hip problems. If you can do these exercises on a daily basis, be assured that hip problems will never come to you. If you have time constraints, you can also exercise three times in a week and that can also help in prevention of hip breakdown . Following a healthy lifestyle is also the key to prevention of hip breakdown. This is also mandatory after gender specific hip replacement surgery. A healthy lifestyle does not mean curtailing anything from your life; it just means to do things in a balanced manner. This helps in maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy mind for you and avoids many problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: