Former director of Taipei the Imperial Palace was hired as a consultant to the Beijing the Imperial

B Taipei the Imperial Palace to the the Imperial Palace in Beijing and former head of the consultant, bring the experience of Taipei in September 7th, the the Imperial Palace Museum, the the Imperial Palace in Taipei for former president Feng Mingzhu appointed consultant of Beijing the Imperial Palace. Beijing News reporter Xue Jun photo Beijing News (reporter Huang Ying) yesterday, Beijing the Imperial Palace Museum ushered in a senior adviser to former president Feng Mingzhu, Taipei the Imperial Palace, she stepped off the post of president of the Imperial Palace Museum in Taipei in May this year, officially yesterday from Beijing’s the Imperial Palace head Shan hands over the letter of appointment, said the the Imperial Palace in Beijing have to share her Museum 38 years of experience. Meet old friends as a consultant to talk about Wen Chong and curator of the Imperial Palace in the past two days, the northwest corner of the hall in particular lively, the Imperial Palace people of different ages to sit together, listen to the Taipei the Imperial Palace, Beijing the Imperial Palace, former dean of the "old friend" Feng Mingzhu, tells her for the Museum of cultural and creative and curatorial ideas. Yesterday, Dan Jixiang, President of the Beijing Museum of the Imperial Palace personally served as moderator of "warm", relive the the Imperial Palace over the years of cross-strait mutual visits and exchanges of experience, speaker Feng Mingzhu took the podium. This is the second lecture Feng Mingzhu brought to the the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the theme is "elaborate the Qing Ren Heritage Exhibition", which is actually planning she stepped down in May this year, the president of the Taipei the Imperial Palace museum professional exhibition. At the end of the lecture, Feng Mingzhu received a letter from the Beijing the Imperial Palace, she became the fifth the Imperial Palace Museum of Beijing Institute of advisers, "I asked Ms. Feng is willing to become the the Imperial Palace Research Institute consultant, Shan Jixiang said with a smile, he gave her a day to consider the time," she said don’t have to think about it, she is willing to." It is reported that the the Imperial Palace Institute has a total of 16 (the room), the task is simple and efficient project team to undertake large-scale academic programs, the appointment of consultants is of noble character and high prestige and profound cultivation for scholars, suggestions for the the Imperial Palace academic development suggestions, participate in academic evaluation. "The number of advisors will be controlled at 17 or less", said Shan Jixiang, the number is set in accordance with international practice, Feng pearl before the China Academy of Engineering researcher Fu Xinian, the famous ancient literature expert researcher Li Zhizhong and the German Academy of Sciences, University of Heidelberg famous Sinologist Reid Professor Hou British former vice president of University of Oxford Jessica · lady Rosen is employed as the the Imperial Palace Research Institute consultant. With the curatorial experience of the Imperial Palace exhibition or can enhance the overall "looking forward" yesterday, said Shan Jixiang, Feng Mingzhu as a scholar, has a deep understanding for the history of the Qing Dynasty, ancient books and archives etc.. The Imperial Palace will become the current collection of 42 thousand letters of her rich. At the same time, Feng Mingzhu was a the Imperial Palace and 38 year old museum cultural affinity, since 1978 as the Taipei the Imperial Palace Museum and the National Museum of history and future research assistant, to step down in May 2016, always with the Imperial Palace and study history of Qing dynasty. She is from the beginning of 1983 in Taipei the Imperial Palace cultural and creative development, in 1998 to promote and implement the the Imperial Palace digital archives, with administrative and curatorial experience museum. This means that Feng Mingzhu’s experience will bring a lot of inspiration to Beijing the Imperial Palace. "She told people how to accept the museum has unique insights and practical experience, Shan Jixiang hope Feng Mingzhu can have specific guidance,.相关的主题文章: