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Fuzhou " a county a special " 16 people were obvious improvement of the effectiveness of Party discipline — Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Ficus " a county a special " the effectiveness of remediation significantly 16 people by the party discipline reporter learned yesterday, in our city this year from September to October in the city within the scope of the organization to carry out a two a month of "one county one special rectification. In the meantime, the county (city) district is suspected the problem leads 69, which leads to the problem of filing for review of 36, has 57 people, including 16 people given party discipline, reflects the increasingly strict supervision and discipline, a strong impetus to the comprehensive strictly extends to the grassroots. In the special rectification, the county (city) District of the city is being carried out with the current of the hundred days crucial action, to broaden the channels through the collection of topics, inspection, audit, inquiry, examination, etc. the effectiveness of supervision and discipline, strengthen the investigation and analysis of the local area, clean government and anti-corruption work of the weak links, bad habits, Party members and cadres Department of industry "unspoken rule" and other people concerned, grassroots prone and long-term unresolved problems in the special rectification content, basically a county, a county of special characteristics. For example, Fuqing City, Minhou County, Lianjiang county with the hundred days crucial action, the party members and cadres involved in illegal two violations and stop the "two violations ineffective, land construction illegal approval of dereliction of duty, chinakayao, denial of justice" as a special rectification content, provide a guarantee for the discipline to promote key projects Mawei District; organize and carry out the illegal payment of allowances and subsidies of special rectification, Changle City, the Party cadres in violation or illegal to make arrangements for weddings as special rectification content, Luoyuan county official reception around the "invisibility cloak" to carry out special rectification; combined with the characteristics of Cangshan District is located in urban high, the development of a large construction and village finance more funds, to carry out special rectification of the village collective funds behind the storage problem. By focusing on special rectification, strengthen supervision and discipline of accountability, precise force, precision strike, all seriously dealt with a number of typical problems of discipline violations, promoting grassroots party and government continued to improve. (commissioning editor Yao Luying and Zhang Zijian)

福州"一县一专项"整治成效明显 16人受党政纪处分–福建频道–人民网 原标题:榕"一县一专项"整治成效明显 16人受党政纪处分   记者昨日获悉,我市于今年9月至10月在全市范围内组织开展了为期两个月的“一县一专项”整治。其间,各县(市)区共发现疑似问题线索69条,其中转立案审查的问题线索有36条,已处理57人,其中给予党政纪处分16人,体现了监督执纪越往后越严,有力推动了全面从严治党向基层延伸。   专项整治中,各县(市)区结合当前全市正在开展的百日攻坚行动,拓宽选题渠道,通过收集巡视、审计、信访、执纪审查、效能督查等情况,加强调研分析,将本地区党风廉政建设和反腐败工作薄弱环节、党员干部不良习气、部门行业“潜规则”等群众关心关注、基层易发多发且长期得不到解决的问题纳入专项整治内容,基本做到一县一专项、一县一特色。   例如,福清市、闽侯县、连江县结合百日攻坚行动,分别把党员干部违规参与“两违”和制止“两违”不力、土地建设领域违规审批失职渎职、“吃拿卡要、执法不公”问题作为专项整治内容,为重点项目的推进提供纪律保障;马尾区组织开展违规发放津补贴专项整治,长乐市把党员干部违规操办或违规参加婚丧喜庆问题作为专项整治内容,罗源县围绕公务接待“隐身衣”问题开展专项整治;仓山区结合地处城乡接合部、大开发大建设以及村财资金较多的特点,对村集体资金违规存储背后问题开展专项整治。   通过聚焦专项整治问题,强化监督执纪问责,精准发力,精确打击,各地严肃查处了一批违纪违规典型问题,推动基层党风政风持续好转。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章: