Give Ease To Your Seniors With Stair

Stair lifts facilitates old age people to move safely and effortlessly between the different levels of home. In the most common sense, it can be described as a chair on a track which moves up and down through electronic motor. These can be easily installed in homes. The major requirement in this type of special chair is the stair tread situation required to be good. There are so many benefits associated with this stair chair-lift. Some of them are: Access: Depending up on the structure of the house, old people at your house may require to access different levels of home like bedroom on one level and kitchen on the other level. Doing all this with a wheel chair or through a walker is impossible especially when it is about climbing stairs. In such a case, a stair lift will be the most suitable option. Safety: Stairs are the biggest challenge for old people as these restricts their movement. Moreover, these are quite dangerous for the elder people as falling from the stairs can prove dangerous to them. Getting a chair lift for stairs can reduce the issues of falling down stairs. A chair lift is the safe mode of movement through stairs with those who have mobility issues. There are so many features of stair lifts. These include: AC power operated or Battery operated – The battery procedure is required when the power is absent All Weather/Outdoor This feature facilitates lifts to be used outdoors. Changeable track length This is something significant as the track lengths are available in a range of lengths depending on the plan of the set of steps. Hand held controls An option of distant control is also existing in case the senior is not able operate himself independently. Lockable There is an option that permits the chair to only be functional with a key. It is excellent to be used in public use. Size and Weight Capacity – Bariatric models obtainable for both above standard height and weight. Stand vs sit There are two options whether you can sit on the chair or stand on the available platform. There are few models that can flip up and out of way and are very compact to store. There are so many ways through which you can select the best and most suitable stair chair-lift. Battery operated or powered by electricity Controls are easy to use or not? Height and Weight of user If there any existing hand rails. Maintenance Prefer seat with or without swivels Straight stairs or curved stairs Transfer ability of the seniors Width of stairs You want to install it on the left or right of the stairs So many companies out there which deal in them and also offer different types of stair lifts at highly affordable prices. You just need to contact them. Make sure that they provide guarantee of their quality products. 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